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Oct 11, 2012 10:33 AM

Lunch in Chinatown for today, please help!

Hi fellow chowhounders,
Wrapping up our trip to SF and we are looking for good food in Chinatown today. The boards seem to recommend places outside Chinatown and we really want to go somewhere in Chinatown itself. Any help would be appreciated!!!!

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  1. What kind of food are you looking for? For dim sum, the new Lai Hong Lounge is being highly touted. Otherwise, it depends on what kind of lunch you want. Utopia has a real Chinatown alley vibe; the claypots are good there. Bund Shanghai for Shanghai specialties. Z&Y for Sichuan specialties and all around pretty good. Great Eastern for seafood.

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      Thank you both! I would like to go somewhere with dim sum, otherwise just good Chinese at a reasonable price is our only requirement.

    2. Yuet Lee for HK seafood in a divey atmosphere, Z&Y for Sichuan in a fairly nice room

      1. I'd suggest Garden Restaurant. Here's a post from a recent chowhound lunch there.

        I noticed that you posted previously on the Kosher board. Are you looking for vegetarian options or kosher food in Chinatown?

        1. In Chinatown spots I like are R&G Lounge, Hunan Homes Restaurant, Z & Y Restaurant and Hong Kong Clay Pot. I do think there is better Chinese food outside Chinatown, especially dim sum, but there are decent spots. I am not a big fan of Great Eastern, but if I was looking for sit down dim sum it is where I would go in Chinatown probably.

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            For various reasons, we ended up at Great Eastern today and were very happy with the choice! Ambience was nice, service was attentive and only a little pushy. Most of the crowd were Chinese families, always a good sign. We went late for lunch at 1pm and there was no wait. As far as the food, there were 5 adults and we all did Dim Sum and hot and sour soup. The hot and sour soup was a bit more vinegar-y than I'm used to, but still pretty good. For Dim Sum we ordered the soy tofu, shrimp cilantro rolls, steamed pork buns, pan fried pork buns, shanghai dumplings, green beans, leek/shrimp dumplings.
            Quick review on each:
            *steamed pork buns - delicious sauce and the buns were tender and not dried out. My favorite dish.
            *green beans - crisp tender, good sauce
            *shrimp/cilantro dumplings - excellent
            *shanghai dumplings - delicious, moist pork filling
            *soy tofu - tasty but served cold which I wasn't expecting
            *leek/shrimp dumplings - just ok, shrimp tender but not as flavorful as shrimp/cilantro

            Total bill was $62 which for 5 adults in my opinion is a steal. Definitely would return.
            Thanks hounds for helping out with my last minute request!

            1. re: Katep64

              Thanks for reporting back! Sounds like a nice lunch.

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                Just a quick question, Katep64, the last time I went to Great Eastern, I noticed that all Chinese tables were served a complimentary "tong sui" - either sweet red bean soup or green bean soup after the meal, whereas Caucasian diners were all given fortune cookies. I thought it seemed a bit odd then. Is that still the case when you were there?