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Oct 11, 2012 10:08 AM

best coffee grinder for grinding other things?

I discovered that my coffee grinder set aside exclusively for spice grinding also did wonderfully making small batch tahini, nut butters, and quick pesto.

But, I killed it making a nut butter with raisins mixed in. Overheated and motor died. I just think wet sticky raisins are too much to ask from a coffee grinder.

So, I got a new one (cheapy $16 thing from Target) and after experimenting with using it to make sprinkles out of some chunks of parm killed that one too. (I think a chunk got caught under the blade and it overheated from not being able to move).

Now, I know that I'm asking too much from these little machines and will go back to using my smaller food processor more often. But I'd still like to use it for grinding nuts, spices, and making quick work of dressings and pesto.

Anyone have a sturdy brand they can recommend?

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  1. I use a mini food chopper for nuts and small amounts of dressing. It's a stick blender, with attachments, one of which is a small jar with blade. A coffee grinder is really intended for drier foods. I have one to grind spices, and it works great for that, but I wouldn't attempt to do something like pesto in it.

    1. Electric coffee/spice grinders aren't designed for dressings/pesto/nut butter and other "wet" mixtures. As you've noted, the motor can't take that strain, that's probably why you killed two of them. They also can't be washed thoroughly inside since that could cause a short or other problems. Guess you could go to a thrift store and buy them for a couple bucks and throw them out as needed.