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Oct 11, 2012 09:15 AM

Need (ok, want) Info on new and newish restaurants in Westerly area

With quite a few places opening or just ones I have yet to try, I was wondering if anyone has been and what they think?

Twisted Vine - new wine bar downtown w/small plates. Beautiful architecture, but is the food good?

Longos Trattoria - where Bruna's was. Reviews written by friends make it seem extraordinary, others not so good.

Mermaid Cafe - I know it's been here for a while, but I always forget about it and haven't been

Oak Street BnB - never been on my radar, but I just saw an article in SO magazine that mentioned it

Markos - near 7 Ply - also not that new, but haven't been

Dylan's - always thought it was yucky, but they say they have a new chef

Or if there is any place else in town that seems noteworthy (besides the usual suspects of 84 High, Bridge, the various Thai places, and Ella's) I'd love to know about it.

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  1. Highly recommend Oak st bnb. Their burgers are grilled on top of onions and served on sweet bread rolls, tons of unique combinations
    For breakfast my favorite is the breakfast sandwich served on the sweet bread roll also... Cook the egg medium and get it with their amazing pepper bacon

    1. Agree with Lauramatt about Oak St. Burgers are great, especially the one with fried egg. Delicious sangria! The service is excellent and quick, in our experience. Space is clean and bright.
      We've had drinks and apps at Longo's twice. Both times were at the bar and good experiences. Nice drink list and good service. Had the eggplant app. the first time and the meatball salad the second. Both were excellent. Space is nice, but small.
      Dylan's always seems dirty as does Bridge. It's a shame about Bridge, but every time we've tried it the food has been just okay and the service has been fair to truly insulting.
      We try to keep Mermaid Cafe in our rotation because we want them to succeed. We tend to go to Cooked Goose for breakfast, though.
      Stopped in Twisted Vine last night. They were very busy so we decided not to stay. The room is big and lovely and they had a pianist playing. We'll try it another time when they aren't so slammed.
      We like the Haversham Tavern. Food is consistently good, staff is well trained and attentive, which goes a long way with us. Nothing fancy, but always satisfying and easy.
      It's great to have so many choices just in Westerly alone.
      Heard yesterday that 84 High is moving to the space formerly occupied by Senor Flacos. They continue to do a consistently good job.

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        Yeah, I agree about Bridge - I wanted them to be great and liked the two previous restaurants in that location (though 3 Fish was my favorite). It such a nice space, but the menu is a little weird and unfocused, and the service is meh at best and atrocious at worst. I forget about Cooked Goose, but we love it for lunch as well - I think they have the best burger in the area, but will definitely try Oak St. I wonder why 84 High is moving. It doesn't seem like upward mobility - no parking, not as nice a bar area, and currently equal or less seating.

        1. re: helen wheels

          Our experiences at the Bridge have been very different. We've been at least 6 times with several large groups, and the service has always been good to excellent. We took my father for lunch for his 90th birthday a few Saturdays ago. He was looking forward to lobster, which is only available on Tuesday evenings (they have a twin lobster special for $20!) So the manager went out to a nearby retailer and picked up a lobster for his lunch. And our server couldn't have been nicer or more efficient.

          As for cleanliness, my wife is extremely sensitive to this issue and she's never noticed any problems. I'm usually oblivious, unless it's egregious.

        2. Well, I have my own update - we went to Longos last night around nine, and it was mobbed (no pun intended). We waited about 25 minutes for a table with a lot of really loud drunk people around - the focus definitely seems to be more on the martinis and less on the meatballs. That being said, the meatball WAS delicious, as was the lasagna and calamari. We'll go back, just probably not that late on a Saturday night.

          Also, I haven't had a problem with Bridge being dirty either (although I did feel that way the one time I ate at Dylan's and also at Prime Time, where I haven't been in years and has - or used to, at least - the slowest kitchen I've ever encountered).

          1. Twisted Vine - I really want to like this place so I've tried it multiple times. But I've been disappointed with the food everytime we've gone. They have a beautiful space and pretty good wine list so I hope they improve upon the food.
            Longos Trattoria - I think this is the best Italian in Westerly. But the place is small and loud so be prepared for a wait and not a quiet evening. The meatballs and cannolis are just amazing! I moved to Westerly last year from NYC and was looking forward to some really good Italian, but was so disappointed until I found Longos!
            Mermaid Cafe - haven't tried yet.
            Oak Street BnB - awesome, just awesome. I love their breakfasts and their burgers. Great quality and great staff!
            Markos - it's gone. I went there once and it was good. But I prefer Pita Spot in Mystic for Lebanese food.
            Dylan's - it's gone and I never went anyway.

            1. Have you tried the pretzel sandwiches at Malted Barley? My favorite quick dinner! Try the turkey havarti