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Oct 11, 2012 08:51 AM

Rams Head Live, Baltimore (tonight)

I know there are other threads asking where to eat before a concert at Rams Head, but I'm not finding much when I search, so thought I'd start another. Might be of use to others in the future, too....

We're going tonight, driving from DC right after work....

I guess that immediate area is known more for chains, but if you were going to park at/near the club and walk somewhere for a quick bite, what might you choose?

If traffic isn't too bad on the way up, so there's time to drive a ways away from that neighborhood -- again for casual -- but don't want to be too stressed about the driving and parking, where might you go?

Any opinions about the food at Rams Head, itself? I think that's what my DC (dining companion ;) ) is leaning towards....

It might turn out to be a night that's just not about the food, but I'd at least like to have some good options. I don't get to Baltimore often enough, hate to waste the opportunity to eat well.

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  1. There's a branch of Joe Squared right there at Market Place if you're into pizza and risotto. Otherwise, head South on President Street 4 or 5 blocks and eat in Little Italy or Harbor East. Tons of choices there.

    1. ditto Little Italy. I've had awesome sandwiches at Isabella's before a Ram's Head show.

      1. Thanks theminx and theyawns! Really helpful. I was having some trouble getting my head around what's near where in Baltimore, for some reason, and walkability (frazzled day, I guess). Hadn't registered Little Italy was so convenient. Will let you know what we do. Fingers crossed traffic isn't too bad....

        1. I've heard good things about Tatu, It's within walking distance (1 block) of Rams Head Live and probably your best bet.

          1. So, we went to Joe Squared. Although I'd have loved to get there early enough for a stroll through Little Italy -- leaving DC later than usual, during rush hour, plus wanting to see the opening band didn't give us enough time. Joe Squared was just right for our needs. I wouldn't say it was my favorite pizza (or not my favorite style of pizza, perhaps), and I was unimpressed with the salad, they did right by us. (And we liked the band that was playing there, too.) Some of the appetizers and salads I saw on other tables looked good, too. And caught the very beginning of the Orioles game (still going on when we were driving home hours later!)

            I really appreciate the help. What with the driving and running late and all, it was nice just to have one place in mind and not have to look around and figure out what to do.

            annapolisgal -- did see Tatu, too -- it is indeed right there (although Joe Squared is even closer to Rams Head!). Will keep in mind for next time.

            And, fyi, in case anybody stumbles on this thread when in a similar situation -- I found a coupon for the 15 Frederick parking garage (on the garage's website), which is right above Rams Head. No idea how its price compares with other parking around there, but we didn't even have to go outside to get to/from the club, and easy to walk into the area where the restaurants are. Seems to be where the valet parks the cars too.


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              Well, now you know what's around for the next time! Glad to have been able to help.

              (A lot of people adore Joe's, but the ultra-thin crust style isn't my favorite, either.)