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Oct 11, 2012 08:29 AM

Do you have a favourite restaurant in Chinatown?

I will be visiting Toronto next month. During my annual visits to Toronto I usually head down Dundas starting at Yonge and ending at McCaul. However when I was in town last summer I decided to venture further west and was overwhelmed by the number of stores and restaurants around Dundas and Spadina. During that visit to Chinatown I was mostly there for an afternoon shopping trip but would love to go back this time for a dinner out. Does anyone have any favourite restaurants in that area? I usually eat at Spadina Gardens on Dundas near Bay but would love to try somewhere new this time... Is there anything chow worthy near Dundas and Spadina? I do not have any food allergies or dislikes and I am not terribly concerned about price so I am open to just about anything.

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    1. I always end up at Lee Garden on Spadina (#331). If you go, try the fried squid (calamari)- yummy! There is often a wait at dinner time but the line goes pretty quickly.

      1. Swatow for cheap & cheerful(great soups and "wok hay" dishes)
        Lee Garden for something more "formal"(for lack of a better word)

        1. another vote for Swatow

          1. Echoing both Swatow (noodles & soups), and Lee Garden recs. I also enjoyed my recent meal at Taste of China.