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Oct 11, 2012 07:55 AM

Drums N Flats at Avenue and the 401

I finally had an opportunity to check out this new resto on Avenue north of Lawrence. This venture is headed by the lads that own Safari down the road. Although the food at Safari has never been great, I was hoping for more at the new digs. Sadly, I was wrong. It's a large space and they've obviously spent a ton to get it up and running. Lots of T.V.'s to watch the Leafs, if they ever come back!

The beer selection is fine, but the menu is a disaster. Who owns a sports bar where you can't get a burger? Forget a decent burger.....they have none! That left me with the wings. I like wings, so I ordered the hot ones. For the first time in my dining life, I actually asked for my money back! They were inedible. The staff were gracious enough to provide me with a refund and a mild apology.

I will not go back as this is not a growing pains situation. The food was terrible. This leaves a huge hole in the neighbourhood, as The Bistro on Avenue Road, which has great food and tremendous atmosphere is being forced to move to make room for condo's. I know that the owner is looking for another small location in the area, but if he fails......we're taking our lucrative wing/beer business to another street.

Drums N Flats was just that.....flat!!

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  1. I had the "island hot" wings there last week - I can see how most people might be put off by the heat level, but it was fine for my admittedly heat-jaded tongue. Or was there a non-heat related issue with your wings? Mine were meaty and cooked just fine. I think the restaurant may have an issue in terms of calibrating their heat levels to customer expectations - usually when I order "hot" I can barely detect heat, so I was pleasantly surprised to be getting an instant scalp sweat on without having elevated my order to "suicide" or whatever.

    Apart from that, I was served the wrong pint of beer (didn't make a fuss as the alternate was tasty too), and my wife's nachos were not up to snuff whatsoever. We decided to stick with the wings should we find ourselves there again.

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          1. Anyone visited here recently? Rumor has it they have an extensive gluten free menu.

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              I usually try to stay somewhat positive, but I really must add my own disappointment with this place.

              This place sucks.

              CHers, you'll do well to avoid Drum N Flats. Won't be getting into specifics, I'll just say this is not a place for foodies or wing lovers.