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Oct 11, 2012 07:55 AM

Jim Haynes and Miss Lunch

Considering doing a sundae night diner party at Jim Haynes house. Not overly concerned about food just looking for people's experiences doing this.

Also, thinking about doing lunch with Miss Lunch at the PPP. Any thoughts or experiences with this.

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  1. Dinner at Jim Haynes can be fun if you want to meet and hang out with mostly English speaking tourists, eat terrible food, and drink disgusting boxed wine. I took my two girls there the first time I was in Paris when they were 18 and 21. They had a blast (every male in the room fought to talk to them) and I was mostly entertained by watching that show. It was crowded and felt like cheap party in any city USA. Jim himself is only interested in taking the money and chatting up young, cute girls.

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      Thanks for the reply your review is what I was expecting