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Oct 11, 2012 06:14 AM

Where can i get a terrific salad in San Antonio

Nothing fancy,,, Maybe a large Greek or Ceasar salad, as an entree.. Suggestions?

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  1. I've read this post several times hoping somebody would answer - San Antonio is just not a salad town. 2 days ago, though, I tried River Tree Bistro on Blanco near 1604 for the first time and they have really great salads!

    1. Someone asked me this the other day and I sent them to Mad Hatters and they were very pleased.

      1. Salad? Isn't that the giant plate of green stuff drenched in dressing that comes before your steak?

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        1. re: saeyedoc

          Too funny! Thx for the responses above as I had given up on this thread awhile ago! But I will seek out those mentioned. I can make a meal on a great salad,, ie Cesar w/chx... By the way saeyedoc,, head to Szechuan House off Braker and mopac 1 on ur next visit to Austin! I know ur a big fan of the cuisine and rest on Nw military!

          1. re: bornie

            thanks for the szechuan house rec, I'll have to have our daughter who lives there check it out for us.

        2. La Madeleine. Get their Caesar or chicken caesar.