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Oct 11, 2012 05:35 AM

Magnificent Mile area Sunday Brunch in December

I've searched several threads and most of the brunch recommendations I'm seeing are either Publican or Bayless. I'm already doing dinner at one of Bayless' and wasn't really excited about the publican menu. Any other places worth checking out? Going to a show at 2 so looking for brunch before that. Thanks in advance

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  1. Here are my three favorites near the Mag Mile.

    Near the south end, Shaw's Crab House does a terrific all-you-can-eat buffet Sunday brunch. It's not inexpensive - $48 (before tax/tip/drinks) when I went earlier this year - but it's wonderful, especially for anyone who loves seafood. The breakfast items are excellent; I love their thick-cut caramelized bacon. Seafood, of course, is where they shine, with a cold bar featuring Alaskan king crab and shrimp cocktail, the hot buffet including their wonderful crab cakes and other items, omelets made to order, and a carving station for meatlovers. Dessert lovers will swoon over the dessert table, with the city's best creme brulee and chocolate pot de creme.

    Another choice is Cafe Des Architectes, in the Sofitel near the north end of the Mag Mile. Theirs is an a la carte brunch menu. I especially like the brunch sampler, with small portions of a multitude of tasty items. And I love the complimentary basket of French breads and pastries they bring to the table.

    Shaw's and Cafe Des Architectes accept reservations, over the phone as well as on and I strongly recommend making them in advance, especially since you have a time constraint.

    Also near the north end is the Original Pancake House on East Bellevue. Yes, it's a chain, but the locations in the Chicago area offer an unusually high level of quality, thanks to the Walker Brothers locations in the northern suburbs. Their specialty is the huge, puffed-up, cinnamony apple pancake; the German pancake uses the same batter but without the apples and cinnamon. Their omelets are also excellent. The only downside is that they don't take reservations, and they do get busy on Sundays, so if you go, allow plenty of time to wait to be seated.

    For more details about these and other brunches around the city, check out the long-running brunch discussion containing lots of detailed reports, at