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Oct 11, 2012 05:12 AM

Christmas in Miami

Hi everyone,

Me and my family (4 total) will be in Miami for Christmas. I know most restaurants will be closed, but does anyone have rec's for places that are open?! We're European and like restaurants that are a little upscale but not too formal. Preferably no chains (although Roy's is a favorite), but I'm not sure we'll even have a choice that evening?

No hotel booked yet, all I know is we'll be staying in Miami city (not Miami beach), have a car and are willing to drive.

I've heart christmas eve is the time when people have dinner together (instead of Christmas day itself), is that true?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I would think that DB Bistro should be open, as it is in a hotel...One of Daniel Bolud's restaurants, though I wouldn't call it a chain. We have enjoyed the food and ambience there.

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    1. re: gblcsw

      Great suggestion! I've send them an e-mail to ask if they're open...

    2. Hotel restaurants will definitely be your best bet for either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. DB Bistro is a very good suggestion; also, focusing on downtown Miami, Edge (in the Four Seasons), Area 31 (in the Epic), Azul (in the Mandarin Oriental). Azul is perhaps the highest end of the bunch, but Miami is not a formal place and there is noplace where a jacket is required. Definitely make reservations to make sure the restaurant will be open.

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      1. re: Frodnesor

        Other good hotel restaurants
        Zuma (Epic)
        Bazaar (SLS)
        Dutch (W)

        Not open yet but might be open by december and might be good...

        Florida Cookery (royal palm) - almost 100% chance this will be open
        Catch (royal palm) - no idea if this will be open or not

        1. re: Frodnesor

          Frod, Have you been to Azul lately? We've not been since Michelle Bernstein was chef there. Thinking of trying it next month for our anniversary.

          1. re: gblcsw

            I have had a couple of great special occasion (special menu) dinners there - have not been for a regular dinner service but I'd definitely consider it worth visiting.

        2. Not sure if you've been to Miami but you can't miss the Fontainebleau Hotel designed by Miami iconic architect Morris Lapidus and some great restaurants including Hakkasan (Asian) and Gotham Steak (Alfred Portale). They're casually elegant so you and the family will feel comfortable. If you like Italian, not sure if it will be open but one that's off the radar screen but is excellent is Toscana Divino. Also, if you like steak, there's Red the Steakhouse.

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          1. re: miamicurated

            If I was going to dine at the fountainbleu I would do either hakkasan or scarpetta.

          2. Thanks everyone! I've mailed the restaurants, I'll let you know what the final choice will be!

            1. An update:
              DB Bistro, (and many others, like Federal, Michaels Genuine, the Dutch) will be closed on Christmas day.
              Area31 only offers a buffet for Christmas and we're not that into buffets...

              Zuma will "probably be open", so I will try that and will try Sugarcane too. (The restaurants at Fontaineblue will also be open, but prices are just a little too high for me)

              Any other great suggestions I should consider instead of Sugarcane/Zuma?

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              1. re: Denisek

                Sugarcane and Zuma are both good. If you're looking for other options, the following places which I'd recommend are taking reservations on OpenTable on Christmas Day (but call or email to confirm, as some may just have not yet taken the date off-line yet - for instance, DB Bistro and The Dutch are both showing availability):

                1500° (Miami Beach)
                Bourbon Steak (Aventura)
                Hakkasan (Miami Beach)
                Estiatorio Milos (Miami Beach)
                Scarpetta (Miami Beach)