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Oct 10, 2012 09:24 PM

Need a Lunch Destination within walking distance of CWRU. Milestone Birthday.

Hi and Help!!

We're going on a college visitation next week to CWRU and we need a lunch destination after our morning tour of CWRU. Daughter is a high school senior. It has been a while since our graduate school days at CWRU & we're not sure what's good in the University Circle area these days. Back in our day we didn't eat out much - poor students. Furthermore, the day we are visiting CWRU happens to be my husband's 50th birthday - yes, he is NOT happy about this college visitation on HIS milestone birthday. He'd rather be boating on the lake having lunch at Put in Bay. We had no choice - it is a high school mandatory college visitation DAY. I couldn't get the high school to give us another day to use at our convenience plus daughter did not want to be the only senior at school that day - too embarrassing for her. Thus, I'm trying to find an appropriate lunch destination near University Circle so that we can also celebrate his birthday in style & forget the anger over being told (by the school) how to spend your milestone birthday. Is Falafel Cafe a good place to go???? I know Mad Greek isn't that far away & I know there is parking b/c we've eaten there before in years past.

Thanks for all your help!

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  1. Geez! It's just a birthday!

    Try L'Albatros Brasserie and Bar. . .a Zach Bruell spot that used to be That Place on Bellflower.

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      And certainly better than any food that could be had on put in bay.

    2. I think that L'Albatros would be the best choice within walking distance-- both for food, ambiance, and great service-- very befitting for a milestone birthday. Washington Place Bistro (in Little Italy) is also quite good, especially for fans of comfort food. They both have parking.

      Falafel Cafe is not great. The food is passable but the lunch service is pretty bad. I've had a couple of really frustrating lunches there-- cannot recommend.