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Oct 10, 2012 08:47 PM


Going to Jerusalem in a couple of weeks. Need suggestions for VERY KOSHER vegetarian or fish restaurants that should not be missed Thank you.

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  1. Try posting on the Kosher Board

    1. Jerusalem only has two vegetarian (kosher) restaurants that I can think of that don't also serve meat. For the most part, dairy restaurants will serve fish. Sushi Ya, Sushis Rechavia and other Japanese/Asian/Sushi places will serve fish and also meat as well.

      In regards to what you mean by "very kosher" - is there a specific kind of rabbinical approval that you're looking for? I'm familiar with good kosher restaurants, but I don't know the degree of their certification. If you do know exactly what kind of certification you are looking for, then the Kosher board would be a better place to ask then the Middle East board. Cause as someone who lives here (but doesn't keep kosher), I only vaguely know the difference between the kashrut levels of different restaurants.

      1. this link seems to define the kosher level of Jerusalem restaurants. You could then ask about the specific ones that meet your needs.

        1. Kind of a strange question given the city you're asking about. Jerusalem is absolutely full of kosher restaurants. Most cafes are dairy and kosher and serve fish.