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Oct 10, 2012 08:19 PM

Brunch for 15ppl Saturday under 60 dollars per person

Please help me pick a brunch spot for 15 people for my parents 50th wedding anniversary.
- comfortably fit 15 ppl at one table (dad is a big guy and likes to stretch out)
- anywhere in manhattan or westchester
- priced with everything (including tax and tip, and drinks) no more than 60 dollars per person
- serves brunch on saturday
- a buffet would be good for price, but not necessary
- large portions a plus
- not too fussy on the presentation

So far in the running are Norma's and Ouest

Any ideas? Thank you chowhounders.

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  1. Sarabeth's? But the private room at the UES location is up a flight of stairs, and I confess I've only been invited to brunch parties there and am not sure what the price tag is.

    Are some people going to be coming in by train, or do you need some place with parking nearby? If people are coming in by train, maybe someplace near the train stations makes sense, or uptown if they are driving. I've also been to brunches at the Terrace in the Sky way uptown, but can't remember if it was a Saturday, and don't know the price tag.

    Tax and tip are really going to cut into your budget. You will be charged a service fee for that sized party if it isn't buffet. Have you already checked that Norma's and Ouest are in your budget, including liquor?

      1. re: RebelWithaCause

        I think Sarabeth's would be nice, but a bit cramped.
        I checked Terrace in the Sky- it closed!
        I also called x2O in yonkers- no brunch on saturday.
        I have been to Calle Ocho (only at the old location) and will put in a call. Thanks.
        Waiting to hear back from Normas. Thanks!

        1. re: RebelWithaCause

          Normas will only seat that large of a party at 2 different tables 20 feet apart. :(

        2. I don't think Norma's is a good choice for a 50th wedding anniversary. I love brunch at Cookshop, but don't know if they can accommodate a group of 15. Nearby, Park can easily accommodate 15, but I've never eaten there.