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Oct 10, 2012 08:07 PM

Need a decent restaurant, wheelchair accessible, easy parking IN CHAPEL HILL/CARRBORO

And open on Mondays for lunch.

The parking issue leaves most of downtown Chapel Hill (that run along Franklin St) right out.

I'm struggling to find a handicap accessible place with decent food, not too expensive (Squid's is right out), that we can park relatively close to.

Korean food is the only type of cuisine I know for sure is out. Oh wait, sushi and sashimi are also totally out. She doesn't like Korean and I can't stand seaweed and raw fish and all that goes along with that.

I thought of Elmos (because of parking, not that it's particularly wondermus, but it's pretty good diner food) but it's too crowded to get a wheelchair/handicap scooter back in there.

Any help? Anybody know how accessible Elements is? Parking there? Any other place that'll fit the bill?

I'm afraid my fav restaurant in CH (Vimala's) is closed Mondays. I don't get out much myself so I'm rather at a loss, and I've got a friend coming from TX Monday. Between her scooter and me and my cane, we need to be able to get in and out fairly easily and not have to park too far away.

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  1. Sandwhich is open for lunch, with parking.

    The Weathervane at Southern Season is also open Mondays, and there is plenty of parking at U-mall.

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      That is exactly what came to my mind. Weathervane. Second it.

    2. Panzanella is open for lunch on Mondays, and if you enter through the mall it is wheelchair accessible. My memory is that Elements would work and there seemed to be enough parking. The Monday and lunch combination is the tricky part here.

      1. chola nad? they have a parking lot, and i think there is a short ramp on the side entrance (not the franklin st. entrance).

        1. When I broke my leg and was in a wheelchair, I found 411 West most comfortable for lunch. There is a handicapped space ub tge kit right next door to the restaurant. The wide doors are easy in and out. Haven't been there in a while but liked the food, especially fish specials and fresh pasta. In fact, I like it better for lunch than for dinner.