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Oct 10, 2012 05:32 PM

Wuhan cuisine back in San Gabriel: Tasty Dining opens

At the front of Prospect Plaza, in a spot that has had several tea houses/boba joints (Chandavkl can provide the exact number), is now home to Tasty Dining.

Since they have no take out menus, I looked over the regular menu. Several Wuhan items, far more than the last place that had Wuhan style items - Happy Eating. A large section of "griddled" meats, some quite unique, like Griddled Bullfrog.. Spied some other interesting entries, like Flammina Velitupes (sp?).

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  1. I think this is #16 since 1990.

    1. Slammed the first weekend of opening.

      Interesting menu full of "dry pots". Thinking this one may last. Though Wuhan is only 6 hours away from SHA, I'm kinda excited for this regional food to return to LA. It is far more interesting than the Luscious Dumpling that just opened in Monrovia, or yet another freakin' Tasty Garden (re)opening in Rowland.

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        Have you had a chance to try Luscious Dumpling in Monrovia?

        1. re: raytamsgv

          No sir. Haven't been in Monrovia since the last millenium.

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          Glad you posted this, yes, I noticed the "dry pots". I'm also very interested in this place. Looking forward to any reports + trying it myself ASAP.

        3. Most of the specialty items at the back of the menu were unavailable today. Only the Wuhan noodles and the sesame seed pumpkin pancakes were available.

          1. I went for dinner tonight and it looks like their dry pots are up and running. Unfortunately, the small size is not available for dinner, so you can only order medium or large. The medium is enough for about four adults with healthy appetites. At least, that's what I thought after ordering the catfish dry pot.

            The dry pot itself was flavorful and spicy (ordered it medium spicy). There was some ground spices at top that could be chili pepper and maybe peppercorn, but it wasn't that numbing. Maybe you have to ask for more numbing? The fish was tender, juicy, and flavorful. I was surprised the fish wasn't overcooked after boiling around in the oil. The potatoes and cauliflower picked up the flavors of the pot perfectly.

            Pictures of the dish here:

            We also had the wuhan warm-dry noodles which were fine. I'm not a big fan of sesame paste noodles, but my husband seemed to like it okay. The sauce's flavoring was fine, but I found it to be a little too sticky or dry.

            We also had the pumpkin cakes, which were what I expected. They were great eaten while hot because they got all soft and chewy, but I can imagine them being like hockey pucks after they cool down.

            Overall, a decent place and I'll probably return and try some other type of meat in the hotpot.

            Not sure how long this deal is going to go on, but you also get free iced chrysanthemum tea with your order.

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              Actually day old unheated pumpkin cakes are still soft and chewy.

            2. i went there last night, got a medium chicken wing dry pot with less spicy (small portion is lunch only), along with the crunchy bao that comes w/ condensed milk, and the sesame/mince meat noodles.. sorry for not knowing the names because i was not the one that ordered.

              all the items were quite good, tho my southern chinese stomach did not agree with the dry pot later on that night.. the wings had soaked enough spicy flavor and were very tender. The noodles tasted like cold chicken noodle, but warm and without chicken. the bread was crunchy and a good compliment to the rest of the heavy meal, except that it was a tad over-fried and i felt like I was eating a bit chip for a few pieces.

              also, free tea (2 choices), and it appeared that at least half the people in there knew the owner personally