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Oct 10, 2012 03:43 PM

Take Out Dim Sum on the Peninsula

Hi everyone!

We moved to the peninsula when I was 9 months pregnant so I am still feeling my way around - having a baby in tow has made me a bit less adventurous in checking out new places.

I wanted to pick up a bunch of dim sum for a party in a few weeks and was hoping for some suggestions. I found take out dim sum for Oakland in the archives, and I spent far too much time at Good Luck Dim Sum when I lived in the city, but I couldn't find anything similar on the peninsula yet.

Are there any good places to try? And if so, what were your favorite things there - this would be for the standards --- sui mai, pork buns, turnip cake, egg rolls, hai gow, etc.

We live in San Mateo but will travel to check out suggestions for the next few weeks and report back!

Thank you for any ideas!

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  1. Meredith! So happy to see your name again, congrats on the baby news.

    It's been a while since my last stop there, but check out TC Pastry (also spelled T C Pastry) in Daly City. Sister to the take-out dim spot of the same name on Irving St in SF, which is my favorite in the City for to-go.

    Any luck at the deli sections of Marina Foods in San Mateo or 99 Ranch in Foster City? You might want to check out pricing at ABC Seafood in Foster City, will be higher but save yourself a drive to Daly City.

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      99Ranch in FC has lots of dim sum if you get there earlier in the day. Cheap and large, not great finesse - but delicacy probably isn't going your first criteria for takeout. There are 2 newish places on 3rd ave across the street from each other - but I haven't eaten at either of them since they changed hands. I suspect both are cheaper than ABC but not sure.
      About a 10 minute drive to Burlingame Zen Peninsula has a huge variety and good quality - but not cheap. It would be fine to check it out with baby - lots of families there and often a baby stroller next to the table :)