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Oct 10, 2012 01:12 PM

Good Curry in Central CT?

Really love a good curry, nobody else in my family likes it so I really don't want to make it just for myself.
Beef is preferable but chicken is fine. Anyone?

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      1. re: dennisl

        I like Priya in Rocky Hill very much.

        Much closer to home and also good is Haveli in M'town on 17.

        I really used to enjoy Udupi Bhavan up on Saybrook Road (also M'town). Whether it's too greasy or what, I don't know, but their food no longer agrees with me and I've resolved not to go there any more. I wouldn't recommend it.

        The other two are great, though. And IndiGo Indian Bistro in Manchester was good the one time I tried it last year, too.

        ETA: No beef in Indian, of course! ;)

        1. re: kattyeyes

          Yes, you're right re: beef, I have the British version in my head I think (had some in Bermuda.)

          1. re: dennisl

            I was wondering! Yes, those Bermudians with their funny knee-high socks like certain high school girls had to wear with ugly uniforms. ;) I can't think of British curry versions ANYWHERE around here, tho'. Would be interesting to learn if there are.

          2. re: kattyeyes

            "ETA: No beef in Indian, of course! ;)" - apologies for poking into someone else's conversation, but there is plenty of authentic beef in Indian cooking.

            India has all the major world religions among its population, including more Muslims in India than in Pakistan, and a large number of Christians. So many Indians eat beef (and pork). There are lots of authentic regional Indian beef recipes that may not be showcased in restaurants who cater to a wide variety of customers, and thus focus on chicken and goat.

            If you find authentic regional beef dishes in an Indian cookbook or restaurant go for it!

            1. re: Rasam

              :) Thanks for educating me, Rasam. Around here, I have NEVER seen beef in an Indian restaurant, only lamb. But that's good information to know.

              1. re: kattyeyes

                The reason why you might not find beef is so as not hurt Hindu/Muslim sentiments. Im a south Indian Christian and spicy beef is a speciality in Kerala.

            2. re: kattyeyes

              I do like Udupi's vegetarian curries, especially Baigan Bartha, based on eggplant, but I've also had good curry at Typhoon and Thai Gardens. I'll have to try Haveli the next time I'm in Middletown.

                1. re: DonShirer

                  We went for the lunch buffet at Haveli today: all you can eat, with piping hot nan brought to the table. The spread includes salad, vegetable dal soup, pappadam, a variety of entrees (veg, chicken and lamb) and dessert. Highly recommend! The buffet is available Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12 to 3. You won't leave hungry.