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Oct 10, 2012 01:09 PM

recs for good chicken & escarole soup recipes

Does anyone have a chicken & escarole soup (or turkey & escarole soup) recipe they love?

Considering repurposing some leftover turkey in this one:

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  1. Escarole and Beans......pretty straightforward, but I like to mash half the Cannellini Beans for a bit of creaminess.

    1. the foundation for a soup like this is excellent stock. if you're not using home-made, buy a good brand without weird junk in it, like kitchen basics.

      i'd skip the carrots and onion and use more garlic as well as tomatoes. squeeze some lemon juice in at the end. a generous dash of red pepper flakes too.

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        Thanks. I'm using home-made stock, and home-grown tomatoes. ;-)

      2. Mine is very basic. Starts with homemade chicken stock. Add cleaned and lightly blanched escarole. Cook thin spaghetti separately. Put pasta in bowls, pour on escarole/stock, pass the Parmgiano. Now if only the weather here would cool down enough for it to be enjoyable.

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        1. I like a combination of chicken, escarole or kale, tortellini and cannellini. With a good grind or two of black pepper and a little dill.