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Oct 10, 2012 12:50 PM

Panificio Bolea - Ho Ho Kus

Drove by and thought it may be worth a trip to stop in. We noticed the place is as close to an Italian coffee "bar" as we have seen anywhere in NJ. "bar" meaning a place to stop for a quick shot of espresso and a small pastry or cookie. Their primary business seems to be a bakery. We tried their baguette and it was fantastic. Almost as good if not better than Balthazar in Englewood. In my opinion if a bakery can do a good baguette then its worth making a special trip.

I am still unsure if their objective or specialty is clear. They also have a small savory items like panini and frittate.

Has anyone else visited?

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  1. .......if not better than Balthazar ....

    that's a pretty bold claim.....what did you shoot yesterday.

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    1. re: fourunder

      shot an 84 at Paramus...tied my best score ever. I am so addicted to golf like never before. You played 36 yesterday?

      Balthazar has hands down the best baguette by far but this one at Panificio Bolea was pretty darn good.

      1. re: FoodExpression

        We are much the same....

        Addicted to golf, good bread, roast pig, barbecue and brisket.....among other things of course.

        Your friend played 27....only 18 for me.

        Maybe we should recommend on of the two bakeries for the upcoming wedding.