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What food do you grab before heading to the airport?

Believe it or not, when I was young and we were leaving NOLA we'd grab Popeye's red beans and rice and buttermilk biscuits because there weren't any where we live.

Sometimes I see that people mention a quick bite before heading to the airpot and I'm wondering if there's anything specific that you always make a stop for before getting on a plane.

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  1. Not that it's particularly good or bad, but my husband and I always seem to grab a breakfast sandwich at Einstein Brothers Bagels at DFW. It's quick and easy.

    1. No need to stop on the way to the airport for Popeyes...you can hit the one inside the airport. I fly with Kashi TLC bars, an apple, and little foil packets of chocolate almond butter Sorry, I don't want to smell highly odorous food on a plane, so please don't sit next to me if you're gonna eat a muffaletta fulla stinky olive salad. Gak!

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        Hmm. I usually bring an orange or two specifically for the aroma therapy. It helps counteract the fools who think painting their fingernails on an airplane is a good plan. (I kid you not.) If I end up sitting next to you, let me know if it's bothersome.

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          Oranges are no problem....nail polish, garlic sausages, sardines, and Epoisses are.

      2. I only take a zip lock bag full of Tony C's. I bought a box of 1000 1/2 oz. envelopes and hand them out to friends and strangers. With business travels you just do end up having meals that need a little CPR.

        1. The she-devil in me HAS to have gummy bears, or worms! :P

          1. Last time we paid a call to Cochon Butcher before going to the airport, and filled up a bag with two muff's, and a couple of pounds each of their excellent house-cured andouille and country sausage. Added a couple of bags of Zapps to that bag while at the airport. The muffalettas were great the next day back home, and we cooked various dishes with the sausage for a couple of weeks more.

            The TSA folks smiled and complimented us on our good taste as the bag went through the security scanner.

            1. On my 2 trips to New Orleans, I always left on Monday afternoon, had red beans and rice and a house salad at Bon Ton Cafe and carried a po-boy on the plane back to California.

              1. Muffuletta, no question. Not Central's, too oily. Either Johnny's, since it's more plane-eatable, or Frank's Place. It'll last a few meals and everyone is envious.

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                  I agree about the "messy factor" for some muffs, and would probably also don a hazmat suit to eat many. While I do love my muffs (the "old" Frank's was my all-time favorite), I would not bring on aboard. Same for HC's Epoisses - just not what I would want to be exposed to, or to expose others to. After last week's trip to Paris, I also found a dozen more cheeses, that should not make it past the TSA checkpoint!


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                    But Bill, most want to be exposed to that aroma! Paris, huh. The French know how to create magic from an egg.

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                      Well, a few of those cheeses (did a plate for at least two meals per day), WERE amoral, at least by my palate. Now, there were a few, that DID come into their own, with the correct wine, but some... ? Well, not to our palates, but such is life.


                2. Last year we stopped for muffs from Nor-Joe in Old Metairie.

                  1. I like to stop by Crabby Jack's on Jefferson Highway if I'm not leaving on Sunday. They are closed on Sunday.

                    1. We often just do brunch at Ralph's on the Park, but depending on the timing of our flight, have had decent meals at the ACME Oyster House over by the United gates at MSY. Depending on the exact flight, we usually connect at IAH (Houston), and just grab a shrimp plate at Papadeaux in the United/Continental terminal - even if we are upgraded to FC for the final leg to PHX.

                      We never carry on food, for any of our flights, beyond a pack of crackers from the United Club.

                      Since we encountered a passenger with a durian fruit (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQj-hF...) on an inter-island flight some years ago, we had abstained from bringing any meal onto a flight.