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Oct 10, 2012 11:45 AM

Restaurants in East Village around 10th Street off Broadway

Looking for a good restaurant(s) in this area for a party of 4. It is a family dinner, so we want to be able to talk and hear each other. Any suggestions would be welcome. Just not steak houses.


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  1. I think that may technically be the West Village but I may be wrong.
    Motorino Pizza comes to mind if you get there early on a week night when there is no line.
    We recently went to "Sidewalk" cafe on Ave A and had a nice dinner.

    1. In very very close proximity there's Ippudo. If you're willing to walk a couple of blocks east and a couple of blocks south you have a plethora of Japanese choices (kaiseki, izakaya, ramen, you name it). Plenty of dessert options around as well.

      Places like Yakitori Taisho or Kenka would be loud, but the more upscale places (Kyo-Ya, Soba-Ya, Robata-Ya, etc.) would definitely allow for conversation.

      I like Cafe Orlin and Xi'an as well but those are gonna be a bit cramped for a comfortable family dinner. If you wanna trek all the way to the alphabets then your options are pretty much limitless.

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          Keep in mind that some of these restaurants do take (and will probably require) reservations. Kyo-Ya's kaiseki, for example.

          For other upscale stuff I guess Union Square Cafe and Gotham Bar and Grill are not too far away.

      1. Talking in Ippudo will be tough, it's a loud place and does your family want to eat ramen?
        Knickerbocker is about 3 blocks away they have good fish and meat dishes , its quiet, an older crowd. Otto is on 5th Ave and 8th , so very nearby for pasta, pizza and such. Saigon Grill is on University and 10th for Vietnamese food. It's a nice big place. Il Cantinori is great Italian Food, right near your location. Da Andrea is also excellent Italian on 11th between 5th and 6th ( maybe 13th)..
        There are more once you get to 6th ave. you have Terulia for Spanish, You have Neta on 8th St between 5th and 6th . Also Soto on 6th.

        1. Deici (10th betw 2nd and 3rd) is a little small but you can get a table for 4 if you make a reservation (Japanese-Italian fusion tapas). My fave for sushi/sashimi is Yuba (9th between 4th and 3rd ave)- really high quality fish, not your average place.

          1. Tocqueville is not far for upscale food in an elegant, quiet ambience and 15 East is next door, if you want excellent sushi...