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Oct 10, 2012 09:13 AM

Destino - Oakland

New Mexican place in the old Autumn Moon space next to Camino. Owner is the Somerset guy. Chef is from Morelia.

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  1. Closed for remodeling- I never went even though I live right up the hill; the menu on the website looked boring.

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    1. re: Pius Avocado III

      Hope it's really for remodeling (to fix uneven floor just inside the front door? I almost took a tumble there when exiting!) The location has been a tough site for restaurants ever since Pewter House closed; Autumn Moon was the only exception I can recall.

      DH & I enjoyed ourselves there just last week. Sopecitos (not a pictured on the web site) had great flavors as did the empanada (meat filling not on the menu) and pozole. Tried to get their chile relleno but it was sold out. Also really enjoyed the grilled scallop ceviche. The texture of the panna cotta was silken. Tables around us had the chicken crepe and short ribs -- both looked good. Nicely spaced tables in the rear dining area for quiet private conversation!

      1. re: Stephanie Wong

        Glad it is tastier than it looks. Agree with Pius -- the menu looks very boring. I live close enough to make this an easy choice, but I read the menu and had no inclination to climb those stairs.

    2. The closed for remodeling sign has been replaced by the for lease sign.