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Oct 10, 2012 09:08 AM

Private room brunch or lunch/early dinner for surprise birthday

Grandma is turning 80 and we are lookin for a meal place to hold her surprise party. She thinks she is going to babysit in NJ but really we will be at a restaurant.

Gram like flavor but traditional. Most often at lunch she will order a classic burger, steak or fish for dinner. Italian and breakfast foods are also preferable. So far have narrowed to these three but will take other suggestions:

Locale in Closter
Palmer's Crossing at the Clifton Inn in Tenalfy
HW Steakhouse in Paterson

Prefer not to have a buffet but will concede if only choice.
Thoughts on these and other suggestions welcome.

Approximately 17 people from8 months to 80 years. If smallest children don't go youngest will be 9.
Handicap accessible not an issue.

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  1. Sorry about the grammar/spelling. IPhone is tough for long posts.

    1. The Assembly in Englewood Cliffs. They do offer various packages aside from their brunch buffet option. What about the Bicycle Club right next door? Not sure what they are doing with the private room upstairs.

      Savini in Allendale. Very good food and a private room upstairs. Excellent private parties. But they offer much more than burger-type food. Very good Italian food.

      1. Here is a great idea...Bacari Grill in Washington Township. They have an upstairs room, excellent offerings for parties, and very good food. We (a group I belong to) host a business lunch there once a month for anywhere between 50 and 100 people and an overwhelming percentage of the attendees love it. We consider moving all the time, and we don't. We look around at alternatives all the time, and we stay.

        Very nice place, very good food, excellent service, ambiance, decor, etc. Take a look.

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          Thanks for the suggestions. I sent them to my mother. Before the suggestions they were leaning toward Locale. Anyone have any opinion about their brunch?