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Oct 10, 2012 08:30 AM

Tasty yet child-friendly in Sun City area?

We're taking our two-year-old to visit an elderly relative in the Sun City area this coming weekend. This relative is a fairly adventurous eater, but am not sure how often she eats out. My husband and I are big fans of small, Mom 'n' Pop, hole-in-the-wall restaurants (and enjoy all types of cuisine). Any suggestions on places we could go (we're willing to drive, but probably not more than 30 minutes) that would fit the bill?

Thanks in advance, Chowhounders--much appreciated!

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  1. We were just out for a quick trip to Sun City last weekend to celebrate a newly-minted nonagenarian.

    We were really pleased to discover My Daddy's Bakery and Cafe, an old school Italian Bakery and Deli on Bell Rd. in Surprise, AZ. Classic hot and cold Italian American sandwiches, on excellent homemade bread, not too expensive. We also loved all their sweets, notably the amaretti, which had about as perfect a texture as I've ever had in the States.

    Ben's Hot Bagels and Deli, a little further west on Bell Rd. in Surprise, does real twice-cooked bagels, as well as bialys. The bagels are a little too gigantic for my preferences, but they're very good, and they nail the cream cheese.