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Oct 10, 2012 08:25 AM

solo (but delicious) dining in Louisville

I'm an NYC hound who'll be in Louisville for a few nights on business and would appreciate suggestions for the best restaurants where I can comfortably eat a full meal at the bar. I'll likely have at least one night where I'm dining alone and I prefer places that naturally accomodate solo diners. It looks like Harvest might be a good choice. How would Jack Fry's be solo? I think 610 Magnolia might work for a business meal but not for solo dining--correct?

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  1. Go to Hillbilly Tea. Food is outstanding. They don't have a bar but you'll be fine eating alone.

    You might also try Proof on Main. And take a look at the art work in the 21C hotel (Proof and the hotel are connected) while you're there. You'll be amazed. You can also eat in Proof's bar which is cool. Have a look at Randy (the statue at the end of the bar) while you're there.

    You can hop on the trolley and eat at Garage Bar. It's owned by the same folks who own Proof. Their breakfast is fantastic. Haven't eaten dinner there.

    Near Garage Bar is the Mayan Cafe. Probably the best restaurant in Louisville. Go there. Trust me.

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      Louisville is one of my favorite cities to visit. Doc Crows is a hidden gem, good southern cooking in a trendy place. It is not fancy by any means, but the BBQ/Hot wings are delicious. You can sit at the bar and watch sports on the big screen.

      Best place to have a business dinner is Morton's. I know it is a chain, but in my opinion it is the best Morton's in the country (service w/ a smile and consistently great food). Jeff Ruby's is good if you want something different.

      PS Maker's Mark is a cool place to unwind. I have never eaten there so I cannot comment on the food. Let us know what you choose.

    2. I would think Jack Fry's would work out well. Not been to 610 since the new menu/format changes but last I recall there was a bar that might work.

      I tend to prefer Bistro La Coop for eating at the bar but it can get crowded on weekend nights. It is open and easily accessible at the bar for lunch. Rye also is another option and they also offer a tasting menu with seating at a counter next to the open kitchen with advance notice.

      St. Charles Exhange is also another option with a large bar area.

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        >> I would think Jack Fry's would work out well.

        I'll second this. We had dinner there this past Monday night and were seated at the bar. It was absolutely outstanding in every way. Plus the bartender was very familiar with the food, the specials, etc, as much as the regular waitstaff. Great choice!