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Oct 10, 2012 07:40 AM

Instant Coffee

I know, there are coffee purists out there who are fainting dead away just thinking about instant coffee. But I just drink a small cup at night lately while doing homework, and at that not every night, so it's just not worth it (to me) to get a coffee maker or a Keurig. And I would think that a french press would make more coffee than I'd really need. (Maybe not?)

I've been drinking Taster's Choice, but wasn't sure if there were other options out there. Cheap options. (So Starbucks instant coffee is probably not viable for me.)


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  1. Consider one of these: (3 bucks on Amazon, roughly the same if you find one locally).

    They're really convenient, filters are inexpensive, and this way you can buy a small container of good coffee, rather than a larger container of mediocre instant.

    I'm hoping that didn't come off as too coffee-snob, but I love those brewers as a power-outage backup.

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      I agree, this is a better solution. I've had one of these for decades, but might spring for the new one because it now has a cut out on one side so you can see how full the cup is. What took them so long to come up with that?

      You also might want to consider something like this:
      My mom has had one of these for years and loves it. I used to take something similar to this on the road when I was traveling for work, because I like having fresh coffee in my motel room first thing in the morning. Even though it comes with a permanent filter, I would spring for the number one Melita paper filters.

    2. I do like making a nice cup in my french press on the weekends or for a special occasion and will often drink coffee out when I know the restaurant puts in the effort, but as I am the only one in my family who drinks coffee,I have been using folgers instant for years. It is not the same but as I use Splenda and milk anyway the taste is not so different. So far, my best cheapest easiest option when I just want the basic cup of joe without the fuss.

      1. taster's choice is the best source of instant coffee but you have to get to start using percolated coffee, that is the best.

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          Wait a minute...percolated coffee is the best?

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            Percolators violate most of the natural laws about brewing coffee.
            o Don't over extract the oils and flavor. Percolators work by taking coffee and reheating it and throwing it over the grounds over and over and over again.

            o Never reheat/boil coffee. This destroys the flavor. For best flavor, boil the water, pass it over the grounds and retain the heat. Don't reheat it.

            Violating these rules may not sound like much, but these are about the only rules there are. The effect of a percolator is to keep passing boiling water/coffee over the grounds until there is no flavor left and the flavor in the coffee is so dead that it's a worthless waste.

            1. re: grampart

              Grampart I percolate mine and love it. However only for 3-4 minutes and lower the temperature so it doesn't boil too hard. Too much boiling for too long will make the coffee bitter.

          2. You can get a French press in a single cup size, and make just a small cup with it.

            You can also find single cup drip coffee filters that fit on top of your cup, that will also make a single cup.

            1. I don't know what the price of this would be where you are (in the State perhaps) - but Jacobs Kronung instant coffee is considered the best where I am.