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Oct 10, 2012 07:26 AM

What's The Best Restaurant in North Jersey - Now?

It seems like many of the better restaurants in Northern NJ have closed. So, where would you go for a romantic, special occasion dining experience? Any cuisine will do, great wine options and fantastic desserts appreciated! Looking to travel up to 40 minutes to 1 hour from Bergen County.

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  1. I can't speak for the romantic aspect in the restaurant....but maybe you can stay overnight.

    Restaurant Latour @ Crystal Springs Resort.

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    1. re: fourunder

      You could do far worse than opt to head south into Maplewood to Lorena's

      Reviews follow should you not know of this restaurant

      1. re: JustJake

        If we're considering BYOs.....then I would add Cafe Matisse in Rutherford.

        I agree Lorena's is excellent.

        1. re: fourunder

          I missed her comments about having a good wine selection. Throw in Water & Wine in Warren as well then.

          1. re: JustJake

            And a very fine suggestion by you as well JJ. Water & Wine as well as their sister location La Griglia are favorites of mine. La Griglia in Kennilworth being what I would consider the better of the two simple because Water & Wine is rather dated and could use a facelift if you ask me. They haven't done a thing to change the place since they owned it and prior when it was the Lakeside or Lakeview Manor or something of that sort. Regardless can't beat the food.

    2. My money is on The Highlawn Pavilion....great food great location great view of NY skyline. Just be warned airplanes look lower than they are when approaching the restaurant at night. Yes I almost hit the deck one night thinking it was coming right through the dining room.

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        Excellent choice as well venividivici. That's some room.

        1. re: jrvedivici

          Agreed...and The Manor. Both would work.

        2. "Romantic?" Check.
          "Special occasion dining experience?" Check
          "great wine options?" Check

          Amanda's in Hoboken fits the bill. Excellent food and wine cellar. Amazing owners/host & hostess Joyce & Eugene Flinn. Absolutely gorgeous converted brownstone building appointed in rich carpets and draperies; beautiful wallpapers; and comfortable, upholstered seating. We have been going for 18 years and are never, ever disappointed.

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            1. re: ebchower

              They validate parking for up to three hours at a nearby parking garage, if that's what you are asking. There is also sporadic street parking available.

              1. re: ttoommyy

                Yes, the dreaded Hoboken street parking is what I was alluding to. Maybe it's not as bad as I remember.

                1. re: ebchower

                  Oh, it's still pretty bad but you occasionally find a space and like I said, there is free validated parking for up to 3 hours in a nearby garage.

          1. The Bernards Inn never disappoints for a special night.

            1. For fine dining I would bail on Bergen County.

              I would head north to either of Peter Kelly's restaurants...

              Xaviars at Piermont
              506 Piermont Avenue
              Piermont, NY 10968
              (845) 359-7007


              Restaurant X & Bully Boy Bar
              117 New York 303
              Congers, NY 10920
              (845) 268-6555

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                1. re: Bosmer

                  Agreed. I was thinking only N. Jersey, but you are right.

                  Peter Kelly does a great job.