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Oct 10, 2012 06:22 AM

favorite movie marathon snacks?

We very rarely have an evening with no work or other plans and I can't remember the last movie we rented, so we are looking forward serious couch time this Friday. To make the event a bit more festive, I want to make some small bites for enjoying over several hours in lieu of a real dinner. I can spend a few hours in the kitchen in the afternoon and I love to cook--although I'd prefer to have as much as possible done so that intermissions of 10-15 min would be enough to get different things out on a tray.

Any ideas?

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  1. This won't sub for dinner but at this time of year, my fave movie-watching snack is alternate bites of an apple and a Milk Dud, for a DIY, no-mess chocolate caramel apple.

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      heh, I'd have to travel far to find a Milk Dud, but that sounds awesome ;-)

    2. I know that if I were doing this for my DH, the menu would consist of warm olive cheese balls (green olives rolled in a cheddar dough and baked), popcorn popped in bacon fat and doused in browned butter, with some nice dark chocolate alongside (for the sweet and salty combo), and some sort of meat - either buffalo wings, lil' smokies in brown sugar or steak kebabs/satay. I would probably also do a crudite platter that he would ignore and I would pick at to assuage my guilt at eating all that greasy deliciousness!

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        Thanks for the ideas of the olive cheese balls--haven't made those in 20 years are so, and sure my husband would enjoy them!

      2. Simple and crunchy I love hot buttered popcorn or chips and dip. Stepping it up a notch loaded potato skins are a delicious treat and perfect for a crisp evening. Nicer could be a charcuterie board - assorted meats, cheeses, pickled delicacies, cracker/bread assortment, dried fruits, honey/mustard/chutney and nuts. Enough choices to last all evening!

        1. Thanks everybody--after living in Denmark for more than 14 years, I rarely think of what things I can't get here anymore--until I start asking for suggestions! Chicken wings can only be obtained if ordered at least 2 weeks in advance, something I've never understood. Potatoes don't have the thick skin needed for filling. Luckily, although outrageously priced, charcuterie and cheeses are easy enough, and I have lots of homemade accompaniments.

          I ended up with a veggie platter (he loves it as well as long as there is blue cheese dip), pulled pork sliders with coleslaw, and a caramel corn with nuts concoction I found online. I'll definitely hang on to the other suggestions as movie nights at home are a lot more relaxing and inexpensive than going out for dinner!

          1. This sounds so dumb that I hesitate to post it, but once when we had put some leftover sandwiches in the refrigerator, we discovered the convenience of having ready-made sandwiches in the refrigerator. Why not make a bunch of sandwiches, cut them in quarters, wrap them in Saran, and have them ready for your movie time? Leave off anything that will get gooey, like leaf lettuce, but deli roast beef or pastrami or ham and cheese will do fine.