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Oct 10, 2012 05:25 AM

Otto - has anyone eaten there? Comments, praise, criticism?

My favorite restaurant in Michigan closed up shop a couple of years ago and reopened in Portland as OTTO. I haven't had a chance to eat there, yet, and would appreciate comments from anyone who has. Thanks

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  1. Some great pics and info here:

    I like it, and the owners are awesome.

    Lots of Michiganders here in Portland (my GF is one - I am smitten with a gal from the mitten! ;o).

    1. We tried to go for brunch yesterday at 10:30 and Otto was closed, despite saying they are open for brunch at 10 am weekdays on both their voicemail and the door. Disappointing. Country Cat got our business instead.

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        Sad to note that Otto is closing...