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SFOGLIATELLE: Who makes 'em best in Connecticut?

I honestly don't know many places that even make them, but I love them. Lino's Market in Durham bakes them straight from Arthur Ave. somewhere. Meriano's Bake Shoppe in Guilford makes EXCELLENT ones. Who else makes 'em extra special good?

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  1. Luigi's in Trumbull (NOT the Bridgeport store) makes great ones, but only if you know for sure that they were baked that day. Unfortunately, they hold them in refrigerated display cases and they are lousy by the second day.

    1. Lucibello in New Haven:


      2nd day pastry is not an option. They also make damn fine cookies

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          Their Zeppole for St. Joseph's day are still worth the drive from MA.

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            This is all good info and thanks. Since you threw MA out there, you like Lucibello's better than La Fiorentina in Springfield? Those are best of the best cannoli in my book. Can't speak for their sfogliatelle. Maybe that's not near where you are. Just checking if you do know!

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              I have been in MA in the greater Springfield area for around 13 years now and have tried La Fiorentina's pastry many times and have brought them to my family. The Cannoli at LF are good, but IMHO, I will still put Lucibello's above LF. I even like them better than Ferrara's in Little Italy.

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                Ohmygod, that settles it. I must get to Lucibello's and SOON!

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                  I've had em from LF and they are very good.

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              Lookin' good, Lucibello! And good lookin' out, BiskyBoy and amici! Another fine example of sfogliatelle in the Land of Steady Habits. Grazie!

              ETA: I still wanna do a tasting tour of Napoli, but in the meantime...

              1. Modern Pastry on Franklin Ave. Hartford.

                Great cookies and peachs and strawberry cream birthday cakes too.

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                  I grew up having those peach/strawberry cream birthday cakes from either Livecchi's, Modern or Mozzicato's.

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                    I have them for my birthday now, my favorite cake ever! Usually my husband gets it from Mozzicato's.

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                    Modern's pastries are better than Mozzicato. But for cakes that are consistently good, Mozzicato has 'em beat. To the topic: Modern's Sfogliatelle are better than Mozzicato.

                  3. DiMare Pastry Shop in Stamford.
                    Also, they have a new item that is delicious. Cannoli Nachos

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                      Ha! A nod to the hordes of day laborers in Stamford?

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                        I agree. Very good sfogliatelle and cannolis. I've had them from the Riverside branch, which is in a shopping center directly off exit 5 of the Turnpike, more convenient for anyone traveling from a distance along the coast.

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                          Another shoutout to DiMare. Sfogliatelles are quite good; as are the cannolis, both traditional and the the new nacho style.

                          I'll never forget when I was young, my dad was picking up some pastries for a party, and one of the owners was yelling in typical loving yet loud italian fashion... "Don't put in 'frigerator!"

                          My family still jokes about that today.

                      2. One may also procure these delicacies from:

                        Mangiaficco's in Plainville
                        Mozzicato's (yes, the one in Hartford) now also in Plainville

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                          Just discovered Mangiafico's on West Main St. Plainville.: a fresh filled cannoli to die for. Sfogliatelle was delicious too: comes in a small and medium size. Their almond Italian cookies at $10 a lb. fresh fresh and good.
                          Also tried a piece of their sheet pan pizza. They have espresso but did try that ..yet

                        2. OMG! I love Sfogliatelle. The Italian bakery down on LOWER LOWER Madison Avenue in Bridgeport has good ones. I'm blanking on the name. And I'm almost embarrassed to admit that ShopRite bakery had excellent ones the other night but they had JUST come out of the oven and were super fresh. SO good, I went back a couple days later, but they weren't as good. My sister taught me to warm them up in the oven to recrisp them. DELISH!

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                            I think that's the trick right there--fresh outta the oven. That or a trip to Napoli. I'm game for either. :)

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                              Del Prete's? Does anyone sell them frozen and unbaked?

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                                Yes, Del Prete's! Best Sfogliatelle around here. Madison Ave, Bridgeport!

                                (known for their cannoli cake too, but that's not my thing)

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                                  DelPrete is at 1885 Main St. in Bridgeport, near Grand St. Best sfogliatelle anywhere.

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                                    Damn you all. Now I need an excuse to go to Bridgeport, too. :)

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                                      I'll give you an excuse, let's meet for lunch.....................

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                                      I've had them at Del Prete's fresh out of the oven and they were sublime. Ate at least 4 over the course of the day.

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                                        You're hardcore, Berda. I like your style! :) Definitely on my wish list. I'll get there someday.

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                                        Not sure if Del Prete moved from Madison Avenue or what, but went to 1885 Main Street today and you nice folks did NOT oversell the sfogliatell'! They make minis of them, too--truly light as air. I've scarfed down two and one of the mini cannoli with a chocolate dipped shell. Grabbed some mini cassatas and pasticiott' as well as some little goodies soaked in cherry juice and filled with custard.

                                        I'm only sad it took me so long to get there, but trust me, this kat did not forget. I thank you kindly for the recommendation. Just look at this little plate of Italian delights (and I don't mean scungilli)!


                                        1. re: kattyeyes

                                          Next time call ahead and special order the lobster claws. Cannoli cream in a sfogliatelle shell. And a Cannoli cake for good measure

                                          1. re: Berda

                                            AHHH! I know lobster tails (I think you meant tails, not claws, my mom says it that way, too, sometimes--HA HA) from Modern up in Hartford. They are KILLA! Thanks for the tip. :) Cannoli cream is like eating a ricotta cloud. NOM!

                                2. Not that I have much of a problem with leftovers, but how does one keep them fresh so they don't dry out in a day or so?

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                                    Buy just what you need, I'd say. Cannoli don't taste great days later, either. Both are best fresh.

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                                      Amen to that. Collapsed, soggy cannolis are terrible. Dry sfogliatelle can make you choke, and the ricotta gets tough. Guess a dozen at a time are out of the question. Thanks, K.

                                  2. Omg. I know it isn't ct, but we just picked up sfogliatelle at Boiano Bakery in Mamaroneck NY enroute to bronx zoo. Better than Arthur ave. lightest I've ever experienced.

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                                        Next stop, the zoo! :D Thanks again.

                                      2. I'm from the Bronx originally and love sfogliatelle. I grew up eating them from the DeLillo pastry shop on 187th Street near Arthur Ave. I go back with them 50 years and they have never changed the recipe. It's perfect. Since moving to CT 20 odd years ago I have been in search of good sfogliatelle and quite honestly, nothing compares. I've had so many and none of them are anywhere near as good, sorry. I've had Modern, I've had Mozzicato's, I've had everything in New Haven, you name it, and nothing comes close. I've even gone to Boston and had a few there in Little Italy and was even more disappointed, especially at Mike's. I did love Mike's cannoli, though, and I can see why they're legendary. They're as good as Arthur Ave., just different. But the sfogliatelle, not so much, sorry.

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                                          Interesting, I'm glad you chimed in. So far, my favorite is from Meriano's in Guilford, but the quest continues. I am adding DeLillo to my "gotta get there" list! Thank you!

                                          Yes, and anyone who sees you on the street in the Boston area with a Mike's box will take note and make a comment as you carefully clutch your goods. But don't even think of taking my cannoli!!! (Leave the gun, HA HA)

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                                            I NEVER KNEW! Meriano's is at the Higganum Farmers Market (last one tomorrow, 3:30-6) and comes up to Wesleyan weekly, Wednesdays, 11-2. More info when I figure out where at Wesleyan...unless one of you knows? WOOHOO!

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                                              I wish I could say I'll rush right over to Guilford to try Meriano's but I rarely get out that way so I'll have to keep going back home to Arthur Ave. for my "fix"! There's also the Egidio pastry shop, also on 187th Street, but hands down DeLillo is my fave for sfog's.

                                            1. Lovely lobster tail filled with ricotta mousse from Modern Pastry in Hartford's Little Italy. Life is good.

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                                                  Why, yes, they were! :D I'll need to find excuses to get back that way more often. It pains me my own very Italian little city has nothing close to this. Maybe they're waiting for me to open it. ;)

                                                2. If they go a little stale if you don't eat them all up right away (the horror!), try heating them up in the toaster oven for a second. They are delicious warm.

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                                                  1. Another vote for Modern