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Oct 10, 2012 05:18 AM

Looking to make a recipe from Andrea Nguyen's book "Asian Dumplings". What is your favorite type of dumpling?

I have unexpected guests dropping by for dinner. So I thought this would be a good time to put my new cookbook to the test. What is your favorite type of dumplings. If anyone has any experience with this book, what do you recommend? Im actually looking at the Shanghai Soup dumplings and it sounds amazing. But feel free to give other suggestions. Going to drop by the Asian market for ingredients on my way home but I'll have plenty of time to prep for dinner as I only have one class today. We'll only be having pad thai and the dumplings as they're just stopping by.

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  1. germanpotatosoup, I have this book and just looked at the Shanghai Soup dumplings. I agree they look nothing but delicious. There is info about this book here
    and here
    and here
    I certainly wish I had tried every dumpling in the book, twice, then I could tell you my favorite!

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      Xiao. Long. Bao. Period. End of story. Best food ever created by Gods or Men.

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        Okay then, it looks like the OP is on the right track, page 59 Shanghai Soup Dumplings, aka

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          Thanks for the links. Going to try the xiaolongbao. Its apparently more advanced than the other recipes but I enjoy a challenge.

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            If you succeed you will be my instant best friend. What did you say your address was?

            1. re: Missy

              I live under Mark Wahlberg's bed. Shhh...He doesn't know that. xD

              Hope you master the croissants. I actually started here on chowhound asking questions about them. I used Peter Reinhart's recipe and they actually turned out perfect. I was worried at first as chowhounders warned me of its difficulty but I just watched LOTS AND LOTS of videos. I also added chocolate batons to half the batch for some chocolate croissants after seeing Meryl Streep make them in "Its Complicated". Even played Mal ô Mains by Sansévérino in the background while making it lol.

    2. They are on my must-make list but first I need to master croissants!

      1. Xiao long bao are undoubtedly delicious and impressive, but for everyday eats, I really love pan-fried pork dumplings with thin, delicate skins, none of this thick Northern business. If I want something doughy I am going to tuck into pillows of shengjianbao thank you very much.