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Oct 10, 2012 05:04 AM

Fish Shack in Pompano Beach

Met a friend here for dinner last night and was truly thinking my GPS had done me wrong on the way...Truly lives up to its name as a shack- ultimate dive with about 20 seats and amazingly fresh, well cooked seafood. We had perfectly chilled oysters, lightly breaded cracked conch, fish dip and $1.50 drafts! Service was so friendly- the chef/owner was out several times to say hi and check on everyone's food. This place is a find!!!
2862 Northeast 17th Avenue Pompano Beach, FL 33064

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  1. Had a wonderful meal here the other night. We arrived around 7:30 PM on a Friday and waited about 30 minutes for a table. There's no room to wait in the restaurant, but there are some comfortable chairs outside if it's warm, and since it was a little chilly, we waited in the car, and the waitress popped outside when there was room for us.

    In addition to what's on the menu, they seem to have 2-3 fresh fish specials each night. Like many Florida restaurants you can choose how the fish is prepared; grilled, blackened, etc. I had blackened dolphin, with an excellent side salad and cole slaw and my DC had a bowl of clam chowder and fried oysters. We sat at the counter, which was conducive to sharing with other people, and we traded an oyster for a taste of cracked conch with a neighbor.

    Excellent sauces, friendly waitstaff, $2 beers, delicious key lime pie, low prices, and quite possibly the best, freshest piece of fish I've ever had in Florida.

    The $44 Dover Sole at City Fish Market the night before was delicious, but this $14 Dolphin platter was easily better.

    Very chowish, very divey, great find.

    1. We agreed with you 100%. Hands down this place has the BEST seafood around. The conch salad was our favorite.

      1. Great food...but
        Was there with my girlfriend tonight and this 90 year old couple comes in..the lady was having trouble with the stool at the counter.
        We were just about done with our meal and offered them our table.
        As I was paying I witnessed the staff forcing the elderly couple back to the counter ( so they could seat 4 at the table)
        The elder couple werr really embarrassed )
        Funny, they ddidn't say a word to my girlfriend or I about sitting at a 4 top....
        Guess the elderly are easy pickings for cruel staff...

        1. I've also eaten there once, it's a tiny place with a long wait but great fresh fish.

          1. Fresh, delicious. Really, incredibly reasonable. $2 draft beers.