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Oct 10, 2012 04:37 AM

Shout out to Homestead Farm Donuts and Pit Stop BBQ, SW NH

My route to VT takes me along Rt. 12 from MA to Rt. 91 (or 5) in VT. In Walpole, I noticed a sign for homemade donuts last year and made sure to get back to Homestead Farms this year for those amazing donuts. They are seriously worth the drive themselves, fresh out of the vat, freshly frosted with maple (yay!) or chocolate, also sugar or plain. Really really good. I think it's $4.25 for half a dozen non plain donuts. They also sell mums for $5.99 and I'm sure there's some good produce but it's all about donuts for me.

More toward Mass (I think Westmoreland) is the little Pit Stop BBQ shack across from the antiques store. I stopped in to quickly grab something so just got a pulled pork with no sides, it was pretty darn tasty and would have been a bargain if I had the two sides with it at $7.99. Fries looked like hand cut, large portions, definitely worth a stop.

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  1. Yup, Route 12 in Westmoreland NH.

    This is what pigtrip (my favorite bbq review site) has to say:

    It would be easy for the Pit Stop Smokehouse to get by with mediocre 'cue simply by being the only game in town, but there's passion involved in their meats and in the front of the house hospitality. The sides are forgettable and the boneless meats are still in play, but their wings and ribs are meaty, smoky hunks of delight. I'll be back.

    Sounds pretty good...he's not easy. I may have to make the trek out there.

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      If you go to Homestead for your Christmas Tree (which I recommend), you can get these for free while you're waiting for the crew to get the tree ready for your car! :)

    2. hi joanie, these are yeast or cake type?

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        I would call them cake but I'm not sure I know which is which anymore. Cake donuts to me are like your basic plain donut, with a crispy slightly greasy exterior and regular donut inside, not light and puffy, raised or honey dipped style. That's cake right?

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          Cake/baking powder donuts are not puffy/honey dipped; correct! And Joanie, if i'm en route near Homestead, I will surely try them. Fyi, we DID end our wk's VT vaca. just yesterday and we picked up some of those Blue Benn donuts I mentioned. Cake style, cinnamon sugar coated. You know, sometimes, when I claim something is the best ___ I ever tasted, I later wonder if they really were. Well, these Blue Benn donuts ARE! so i was glad to find that my one-year-later tasting was just as glorious as before!! Hope you'll get over there sometime to try them!

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            Hey OP, did you see the article on Portland's Holy Donuts in the Globe? I had one of their donuts at a cafe (Morning Glory) cuz they didn't have their own shop last year but now they do. Def. worth a visit.

            I mean OC, oops.

            And read my Southwest trip review about a couple great donut places down there if you're ever out that way.

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              joanie,yes, i saw that holy donut piece and of course thought of you! i was also thinking of you this morning because i ate a Big Benn donut this morning that I had FROZEN (a test; had never tried it before.) I didn't nuke it; just set one on a pilot on my gas stove and turned over once, til defrosted. Tasted excellent! and crust was even crunchy in places! just fyi.

              1. re: opinionatedchef

                My mother used to cut old donuts in half, put a little butter on and stick them in a frying pan. Good stuff.

                BTW, a listener brought over Verna's donuts for us during our station's fundraising last Thurs. and those were really good donuts. A little too big but the right amount of crunch to them. Unfortunately No. Cambridge is not the least bit convenient for me, or I would have gotten that Groupon they offered last week.

      2. For BBQ I would go to Top of the Hill in Brattleboro, VT right across the river or Cutis' BBQ in Putney....Curtis is a legend.

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          Agree- my NC born and raised husband is willing to eat at Top of the Hill. There are very few places outside of NC that he enjoys.