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Oct 10, 2012 04:36 AM

Staying in Paramus.. craving pizza.. help?

We only have one night tonight.. not opposed to making a trek into the city but would prefer to find something closer to Paramus. Don't care if its New York style or Neapolitan (or even Connecticut, Sicilian, Californian(in NJ??? yikes!)).. but I want it to be memorable! Any help?

I've never had any of the famous spots or any of the unknown spots... Midwest pizza rube needs help.

Thanks in advance

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  1. A Mano in Ridgewood (24 Franklin Avenue) for Neapolitan style. I think they still do a special on Tues and Wednesday of buy one get one free. It does not have to be 2 pizzas you can mix and match with other items. It might be Mondays and Tuesdays.

    Brooklyn Pizza in Hackensack (161 Hackensack Avenue) is another great choice. I believe they are still cash only! They have a better variety of starters than A Mano. However, you can stroll around Ridgewood, weather permitting, after eating at A Mano. Go get some dessert at Sook Pastry!

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      great recs- looking awesome! Also heard to try a slice at Pizza Town in Elmwood. Don't think I can do both and a sit down place like A Mano is more what we had in mind. Will keep poking but this is looking good! Thanks Bosmer

        1. re: Picnicchef

          Yes....Patsy's is a great throwback pizza.. and restaurant.

          If you want thin crust and something to go along with the pizza,e.g., apps or an adult beverage....and you like retro type places, then consider the following.

          Grant Street Cafe in Dumont

          Barcelona's in Garfileld....this place has been around for seven decades and will give you a better opportunity to hit up Pizzatown USA.

          Although a chain, I think Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza is pretty good. If you go I recommend you also get their Chicken Wings with Caramelized Onions.

          1. re: fourunder

            I was shocked by how much we enjoy Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza. The chicken wings are very good as is the simple classic salad served family style in a very large bowl.

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              I actually think ACFP is better than most places.....including Brooklyn, which I used to like....but the crust gets too soggy from the fresh mozz

              btw.....I did not love the Ribs at Anthony's, but agree the salads are very good quality and value.

              1. re: fourunder

                I have been wanting to try those ribs!

                1. re: Bosmer

                  I did not enjoy the vinegar from the was not what I expected.

                  One great thing about Ramsey.....I believe on Tuesday they beer specials. I forget if I had Stella Artois or Peroni, but it was only $1.50 a bottle and cheaper than Iced Tea or the bottle of Coca-Cola which was $3.

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              is this the related to the famous patsy's in the city (Coal Fired)?

          2. La Bella Roma...right there in Paramus. Excellent pizza!

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              1. re: ELA

                I could not agree less. Yuck.

              2. If you are interested in thin-crust, yes, Brooklyn Pizza in Hackensack is very good...and so is Kinchley's (a bit further north on Rt. 17, in Ramsey). Kinchley's is well known, kind of one of the "famous" spots you refer to. Good luck and enjoy.

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                1. re: ELA

                  I happened to be in Paramus yesterday. Loved the slice I got at Ray's in nearby Rochelle Park.

                  My margharita was a pretty darned good slice. Anyone have comments on this spot?

                  Btw, we had a late luncheon catered by the Maywood Gourmet Deli and does that place put out some seriously good and healthy chow....Avocado salad, veggie paninis (with butternut squash - a nice alternative to eggplant), grilled chicken, etc.

                  Highly recommended

                  1. re: JustJake

                    I have never been to either Ray's...but are you talking about the place on Essex Street just off the Interstate 80 exit.....or Ray's House of the Famous Grandma in Fair Lawn.

                    I'd like to give it a try based on your comments.

                    1. re: fourunder

                      4Under it was pretty close to an overpass as I traveled from Paramus, passed Passaic St, Teddy's Deli, the Rochelle Park diner, and then hooked a left (noticed the overpass on my right). It was in the Maalo Plaza?????? If that helps.

                      Their grandma pizza looked like margharita on sicilian dough and opted for their true margharita on crispy thin dough ---, they had some nice pizzas out there, but all I was looking for was a 'coating' before our luncheon.

                      1. re: JustJake

                        Yes, that's Ray's Traditional.....Passed it a million times getting on or off the exit, or getting gas. Usually, when I opt for pizza in that area I end up at Lodi Pizza, Pizzatown USA or Barcelona's.

                        I'll have to give it a try......on another note, across the street, but in Lodi is a place for a very cheap slice or pie.....I believe a buck for a slice and 5.99 for a basic cheese. It's called Turtle's. I have not yet been there either, but maybe I can do a pizza crawl soon.

                2. I second A Mano. Its hands down the best pizza that Ive ever eaten outside Italy. Better than most places in Italy too.

                    1. re: Bosmer

                      I didn't get a chance to go to Pizza Town but will on my next visit. We had a very memorable and enjoyable visit to A Mano. They have a great commitment to quality and production. I talked to one of their "pizzaiolos" while we were waiting and he was very gracious and generous with info about their methods and his opinions. He could have been Penn Gillette's slightly more evolved brother.

                      We had "Rosette" as an appetizer- a sort of involto made with dough, eggplants, peppers, cheese and ham. Very pretty to look at and even better to eat. They sounded underwhelming but tasted light, flavorful and satisfying.

                      For pizza we ordered one with artichokes and gaeta olives, "quattro stagione" (waiter's choice) and a special that was sausage and pistachio pesto. The "four seasons" was, like all pizzas of this ilk, very busy but still enjoyable. The sausage / pesto was the clear winner for us- rich and wonderful. Some bright pecorino helped balance the heavy flavors.

                      Some dining tips for other first timers- as someone else mentioned it's BYOB without corkage but they do sell some NJ (?!!) based wines (by the bottle only- no glasses). There are no cocktails and no beer. Do NOT be scared off by the house wine.. we had a cheap ($17/bottle) that was balanced and very enjoyable. Okay.. we had 2 of them. By all means bring your own in though if you want something Italian or other.

                      Wonderful crust, distinctive interior, beautiful oak burning ovens, quality service. Not a bad value either considering the commitment to ingredients (and the real estate costs I imagine).

                      Thanks again for the solid recommendation.

                      I took some pictures and will post in a bit.

                      1. re: Bosmer

                        Here is the "Rosette", the sausage pesto pie and the artichoke. Very beautiful!