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Oct 10, 2012 12:07 AM

Good lunch places along Embarcadero/Levi Plaza area?

My office is moving to Levi Plaza—what's good to eat out there? Looking for casual and fancy, but most important is that it be doable on a lunch hour (so no hiking over the hill to North Beach).

I'll have access to the Levi's cafeteria, which is pretty decent. And I already know about Pier 23, which ain't bad. What about sushi? Burritos? A café other than Starbucks? And something nicer, when our authors come to visit? A wine bar or other elegant place for drinks? (Wul, perhaps not on my lunch hour…)

You know—places foodies like to go!

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  1. For fancy, go to Piperade. They can get in and out in an hour and I heartily recommend the garlic soup.

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      Piperade also has a casual take out window in the alley behind the restaurant that is worth checking out.

    2. Piperade's good. Henry's Hunan.

      1. How about Kokkari for lunch or drinks (or, with authors, lunch with drinks!)

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          A few years ago, there used to be a to-go window that was associated with Kokkari located on the other side of that block. As I recall they had sandwiches, salads, coffee.

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            Used to be Fog City was truly mediocre—but it's been years since I last dined there. Has it improved?

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              I was at Fog City Diner about two months ago. Still mediocre...

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                  Don't know about the burger - I ordered oysters, crabcakes, and tuna tartare... And a cocktail.

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                      I'm so Cosmopolitan that way, huh??


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                If the weather's nice it's a pleasant place to sit outside and have drinks. Happy hour weekdays 3-6. I haven't had food there in years.

            2. Levi's cafeteria is very good (for what it is) and reasonable in price. If you have access, you'll likely end up there a lot. I did. Cafe Destijl is a nice cafe, salads and sandwiches. Use to get sandwiches at the Deli on Lombard around the corner from the Bay Club. The deli is open all day so good place between meals or when the cafeteria is closed.