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Oct 9, 2012 07:45 PM

Goya products in/near Cleveland?!?!

I love my Goya empanada discs in the freezer section in most grocery stores here on the east coast... it seems Cleveland does not feel the same way! Where can I find a nice selection of my beloved products?!?! (nada discs, guava paste, beans, oils, juice, spices, etc.?!??!?!!)

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  1. Dave's Supermarkets! Giant Eagle is a hit or miss, but any Dave's in Cleveland should have a load of Goya things. I'm familiar with two locations in particular: Ridge Road and West 25th. Neither disappoint me, but I like the layout of the Ridge Road location better. Plus, they carry a larger variety of dry and canned Goya products, and a nice selection of Badia spices and seasonings.

    Honestly, I miss having access to all of that in Cleveland. Moved out to Kent last summer and I can't find gandules, yuca, or a decent platano to save my life.

    1. You might want to try the grocery store on Lakewood Heights Blvd in Lakewood (just east of Bunts). La Plaza Supermarket carries mainly Mexican/Latin America products.

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        Second the rec for La Plaza- it is a Mexican grocery store. Also the Giant Eagle on West 117th has a large selection of Goya, both pantry staples and frozen things.

      2. I feel for you. Felt the same way when we moved to Akron, OH, from Boston, MA. Marc's in Fairlawn, OH, renovated the store about a year ago & to my surprise they added a decent line of Goya products. I was so very happy to see the empanada discs in the freezer section at Marc's. Been stocking my freezer in case they get "discontinued." My kids were so glad I could make empanadas again like I did in Boston. I am guessing maybe the other Marc's stores in the Cleveland area also carry Goya products.

        On a separate note, we left Boston 13 years ago & I still can't find lavash bread (the rectangular variety that I used to find in Boston....) They were great for sandwiches on the go for busy professionals. With the round variety, you have food falling out all over the place due to uneven ends.

        1. I rember a hispanic market at Steelyard Commons.

          La Borincana at 2127 Fulton Rd.

          1. There are lots of goya products in both the giant eagle and heinens stores I shop at. Perhaps you are not shopping at locations that have those types of customers? My stores are on the SW side of town (strongsville, parma heights).

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              Both stores on the W side also carry a lot of Goya products, but I'm not sure about empanada discs in particular. The OP can also order online from Goya's e-Store.


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                THANK YOU! This is all so helpful. I am hopping a flight to Cleveland now and will do some exploring this weekend...I did pack a few empanada discs in my carryon, just in case though :)