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Oct 9, 2012 07:08 PM

Bottled Moose

I've been given 2 bottles of moose meat. I'm not too sure what I should do with them. If I made a stew, should I use the liquid that is in the bottle as part of the stew liquid? How is it traditionally eaten?

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  1. Just dump it in the pot and heat it up. That's what they do "out around the bay", and it's what I usually do when I get any.
    I have also made shepherd's pie with it. You could do anything with it that you might do with cooked stew meat.

    1. Yum, lucky you !
      Yes, include the liquid with the stew meat. Add chunks of turnip, potato and carrots, and if you like, parsnip and onion and summer savory, salt and pepper..

      You could make a roux with flour and butter to thicken the gravey, but I prefer to let the potatoes do the thickening and let the flavor of the meat and vegetables stand out. Serve with homemade white bread or pan rolls.

      1. God that stuff is so tasty.
        Make a stew, or perhaps a goulash with it. So damn tasty.