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Oct 9, 2012 06:16 PM


We haven't been to Quince since it moved. We'll been in the city over the holidays for one night. Is Quince still wonderful? I've been reading the recent thread on Perbacco, and I'm intrigued. We have never dined there, though it has been on the list. (Anniversary dinner - not a major one, so no need to break the bank, but willing to pay for a quality evening.)


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  1. the new location feels a lot more "corporate".

    food is still good, but some of the "homey italian"-ness of the old quince have been passed on to cotogna next door, and replaced with more standard fine-dining details.

    quince is way more upscale than perbacco. the portions are smaller. the prices are a lot higher. anyway, it is great, though i prefer keiko's or chez panisse downstairs for somewhat similar style dining at the same price point.

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      Checked out Cotogna's menu and It looks perfect for what we want. It may be an anniversary dinner, but we will have been up since o'dark thirty east coast time and will be fine with something a bit low key (and probably pretty early in the evening.) The things we liked at the original Quince were those that leaned to the rustic - ravoilo with egg yolk! We're still talking about that one!

      Thanks for all the opinions!

      1. re: wandasue

        May be you can have a pre-dinner cocktail at Quince. DH & I ended up doing the reverse for our recent anniversary dinner as we arrived too late due to traffic. Our first time to Quince...while I somewhat understand the "corporate" comment, DH & I loved it. Plush, great service & fantastic cocktails (sat at the bar, DH still raves about the Quince martini). Mr. Bond would feel at home.

    2. I think Quince is still wonderful. I liked the old location and feel better, but the food hasn't skipped a beat.

      1. the food is still great and a good option for an anniversary dinner. It doesn't really compare to Perbacco, it's more fine dining.