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Oct 9, 2012 05:49 PM

Thanksgiving in Waikiki?

My mom and I are going to be staying at the Moana Surfrider for Thanksgiving weekend. Neither of us eat seafood; I'm otherwise a pretty adventurous diner, but my mom's a roast-chicken-or-steak kind of gal. So two questions: 1) What's our best bet for a restaurant serving Thanksgiving dinner? We want someplace that feels a little special-occasiony, but not overly formal. 2) We have two other nights in town - what are the restaurants you suggest we try? Looking especially for places with an only-in-Hawaii vibe or neighborhood-y feel, not places that could be airlifted into LA or Boston without missing a step. We're flexible on price.

Any guidance appreciated!

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  1. Sorry, just saw the earlier thread, so feel free to ignore my Thanksgiving question, but still curious about only-in-Hawaii joints that would satisfy two non-seafood-eaters, one adventurous and one not.

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      A lot of the discussion on the Thanksgiving posting would still be applicable. While many of them may be known for their fish preparations, all the better restaurants do an excellent job on non-fish dishes as well. Hopefully the non-adventurous person will relax a little and try some things, people often do on an exotic vacation (the mai tai's have nothing to do with it I'm sure.)

    2. Aloha..
      Moana has the Beach door is Royal Hawaiian.
      I've had decent meals at the Beach House but I loathe the management of this hotel.
      Hula Grill or Dukes next door at the Outrigger might be an option...Roys Waikiki for Thanksgiving would be another option.
      Have a great time!

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        Just curious, what's wrong with the Moana management? I picked the Moana over the Royal Hawaiian because I've generally had good experiences at Westin hotels, but would love to know if there's something I should watch out for.

        1. re: Asperges

          I would use my Starwood points somewhere else..Sheraton Waikiki is lovely with Rumfire.
          Royal Hawaiian is so wonderful and who doesn't love that Mai Tai Bar..
          Just my two aloha cents..

      2. Well Hy's doesn't have an "only in Hawaii" feel in decor, but the service and sensibilities are definitely Hawaiian and an East Coast menu of steaks and chops.

        I'd say Orchids, but I think you'd be late in reserving there.

        If you want GAR-AN-TEED only in Hawaii, go to the Side Street Inn, but reserve soon.

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