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Oct 9, 2012 04:18 PM

Mixing Apilco Lines

I am starting my Apilco dinnerwear collection and want to know if anyone here has successfully mixed different Apilco lines. I like the Tradition line for most items, but would prefer larger cups and like some of the shapes of the bowls from the other lines. I forgot to look at the lines side by side when I was in the store. Are Tres Grande and Tradition roughly the same thickness? Obviously it's all white so I am not worried about matching- just curious if it was clear that they were from different lines or if the scale of the items looked strange when it was mixed up.


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  1. If you like it, that is what matters. I mix all kinds of whites from ironstone to Apilco.

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    1. re: wekick

      You're right. I don't know why I am overthinking this. It's my first real investment in this stuff (and the first I've ever had that wasn't hand-me-down) so I'm probably being a little neurotic about it. That's a common trait among (amateur) chefs, right? Lol...

      Anyway, my love for coffee won out any aesthetic concerns- I got the Tres Grandes cups and saucers.

      1. re: HungryHoya

        We haven't mixed the dishes, but we have beaded hemstich pattern and this is not available in serving pieces, so we do mix the serving pieces which are not specific to the pattern we have but a generic plain white. That's the neat thing about white dishes, they are easily mixed as long as the colors are reasonably close. I have mixed in stoneware french onion soup bowels with the Apilco dishes, but I bought the bright white glaze and not the standard white which is more yellow than the bluish Apilco porcelian.