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Oct 9, 2012 01:28 PM

Where to eat on Webster St in Alameda other than Otaez or East Ocean?

I was in Alameda yesterday lunch time looking for someplace new to eat on Webster. I made the mistake of going to Dragon Village because I had a pleasant dinner 20 years ago at its previous incarnation, China Hut.

For future reference, where else could I have gone besides Otaez or East Ocean? How is the parking in Oakland Chinatown on a weekday?

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  1. The only other place I've eaten on Webster is Albert's, which is good coffee shop-style food. I've heard good things about the Vietnamese place -- Tu Tai 2. Also for Vietnamese, not on Webster but closer, with better parking, I liked Mint Leaf in the Marina Village shopping center. Greek Meze might be worth checking out.

    Oh, and one of our Alameda hounds really likes Abigail's Cafe, which is also not on Webster, but close enough if you're driving (especially if you count time spent looking for parking), in Ballena Bay.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      Depending on day of week and time of day, I frequently park one block off Webster in the West Marine (formerly Safeway) lot, easy stroll especially if weather's nice.

    2. Haven't been myself, but a relative said they liked Chef's Wok and Mama's Chicken Noodle near East Ocean when they went.

      Depending on what time you get there (I usually get there before 11), parking isn't that great. And since Orient Market closed (w/ their underground parking spaces), I usually just pull into the underground lot at Pacific Renaissance or the one across the street.

      1. Soleil's African Cuisine, 1544 Webster has gotten very enthusiastic reviews from some folks I know, but I haven't had a chance to go. Chef Soleil is reportedly warm, devoted to his food, and makes all the food himself.

        I think that Mama's Chicken Noodle could best be described as adequate. It's easy parking, which is perhaps its best feature.

        Cafe Jolie is pleasant, with a few decent things on the menu, although they are not open for dinner. Here's a link to a posting I did about the place not long after it opened: Decent fresh salads, freshly made beignets, and I enjoyed their french fries.

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          My sister and I are fans of Mama's Chicken Noodle--very fresh and satisfying, more than adequate. Chicken comes with a pedigree.

        2. Any update on this thread? Need to find a place near Webster tonight for quick eat-in or take-out.

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          1. re: The Dive

            This thread definitely needs updating: Soleil's African Kitchen is closed (the chef, sadly, passed away). Mama's Chicken Noodle is now Kitchen of Alameda and serves Chinese soups, snacks, etc. The last meal I had at Chef's Wok was a disaster.

            I think my choice down at that end of town would be Mint Leaf (Vietnamese) in the Marina Village shopping center, especially if you get there early enough for the happy hour specials. The food is very fresh.

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              Mint Leaf worked well last night - as you said, very fresh and light, healthy even. Slightly bland, but will get hot sauce next time. Thanks for the tip.

            2. re: The Dive

              Cafe Jolie is open for dinner, but ONLY Thurs-Sat. Former chef at I-Squared is now there. We thought it was okay, nothing remarkable but the French Onion Soup (a variant including tomato paste) was tasty. Salad Lyonnaise disappointing; the poached egg wasn't drained making it watery, and the vinaigrette a little too mild so when watered down it was tasteless.

              But filet mignon and grilled salmon were both very generous plates and well executed, good accompaniment. We were surprised, this was a good value.

              Dessert was mediocre (too cold/too stolid chocolate multi-layer cake) but altho the cappuccino was more like a latte, the blend used was excellent quality. Good service, too.

              Biggest negative: live music. The restaurant is just too darned small for a live band with an amplifier. It cuts off half the seating because nobody can stand to sit too close. Nice instrumental soft jazz, but I really wish restaurateurs would recognize their spatial limitations and stop trying to push these things.