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What pairs well w/ pumpkin ravioli?

Thinking of making some homemade pumpkin ravioli w/ browned butter & sage this weekend. But I'm stumped about what to serve with it. I want something green, but sauteed spinach sounds like too much oil/butter on the plate. (And steamed is too boring.) Ihttp://chowhound.chow.com/topics/new?board_id=31#photo_btn_opened'll likely do a nice homemade foccacia to sop up the sauce.

thanks muchly!

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  1. Since the pumpkin is sweet, I would go with a slightly bitter green - if you like broccoli rabe, that would be good, or kale (you could even do a raw kale salad). An arugula salad might also fit the bill.

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    1. Asparagus!......steamed, boiled or sauteed......find a simple topping like a butter/dill

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        Aren't we terribly out of season for asparagus?

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          having just bought some........probably from Chile or some place like that..............and had it tonight, i don't think so

      2. And (unless you don't eat meat) an apple cinnamon sausage.

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          Hmmm... maybe not the sausage, but the apple would be a nice flavor to add in

        2. Balsamic glazed brussels sprouts would be my vote. Sounds like a great autumnal meal!

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            on the same riff. Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta especially since the Pasta is vegetarian.
            Chard with Garlic, Chili flakes and Raisins
            Grilled or sauteed Escarole, Endive, Treviso or Brocolini.

          2. I would serve something green either before or after. I find these ravioli, since they include a vegetable, to be a course in themselves.

            1. oven roasted broccoli that you toss in olive oil and loads of garlic. the ravioli sounds deee-licious!

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              1. lmscherr, I feel a dinner party coming on and I'm not above borrowing a menu! :) I'm getting hungry just reading your post and the responses. I'm loving the ravioli, focaccia, balsamic brussels sprouts ... Are you doing apps and/or a dessert? Or are your regular family dinners just this good?

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                  not always. but I do try for a healthy mix. (tonight, for example, its a simple frittata of spinach, onion, and bacon with a green salad)

                  we're skipping apps, and dessert will likely be brought by one of my guests. :-)

                2. Baby greens with a sharp vinaigrette and toasted walnuts.

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                  1. Kale chips are considered cliche or passe around here, but I do think that doing them in olive oil (lightly, if you're concerned it will be too fatty) and crumbling them over pumpkin ravioli sounds good.

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                      Ha. I did some kale in bacon fat today. Yum.

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                        Who cares if something is passé if it is delicious? Plus some people have yet to try them.
                        Side note, is it possible to make chips out of collars greens?

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                          "Who cares if something is passé if it is delicious? "


                      2. I think I would pair either bitter, sour, or crunchy flavors. I support the prior suggestions of nuts and bitter greens.

                        I would add either of these based on what I see in season: shaved fennel and radish with lemon vinaigrette, or celeriac and apple salad, which I think I would go for. Wunderkind Ottolenghi has a recipe online:


                        I've made celeriac-apple salad before (it's a great pairing), but not his version so I can't opine about it...it was just a prominent result from google.

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                        1. We just made pumpkin ravioli last weekend & served with tossed green salad with olive oil & balsamic. Simple, I know, but it worked.

                          Also made a nice rustic country loaf- warm bread and butter, mmm.

                          Agree that browned butter with sage is awesome, but we went with a sage-parmesan cream sauce with toasted pine nuts.


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                            Very nice. (I'm leaning this way, too)

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                              off topic, but do you have a tested recipe for the ravioli I could peruse?

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                                cooked mashed pumpkin about 1.5 cups
                                Minced prosciutto about 1/4 pound
                                Parmesan about a cup
                                1 egg yolk
                                some minced sage (but not too much)

                                I think this would also be good with toasted ground pine nuts instead of the prosciutto.

                                I could also see a version with cooked Mexican chorizo, minced chipotles, queso fresco and cilantro. In a chipotle or poblano cream sauce, topped with toasted pumpkin seeds. Or maybe a cilantro cream...

                            2. Fried Brussells sprouts leaves with chile, lemon and thyme. Had some the other day at The Purple Pig in Chicago and they were Autumn-on-a-plate delicious! I have already started experimenting as I want to perfect them for Thanksgiving. These would pair well with sweet buttery pumpkin ravioli.

                              1. Roasted asparagus with Parmesan. I think Ina Garten has instructions for it.

                                Roasted or steamed broccoli, or broccolini with citrus zest and nuts.

                                Broccoli rabe with golden raisins or currants.

                                1. I think something savory/salty would be good. Maybe roasted broccoli or cauliflower (with truffle salt, if you happen to have any), roasted mushrooms, or stuffed tomatoes.

                                  1. I second the bitter green thought - a great idea. If you would rather serve it cold/salad style, I make a great massaged kale salad with turnip matchsticks and a honey lemon dressing (it's not too sweet). Very refreshing and palate cleansing in a good way. Will balance the richness and since it is cold you can make ahead. It's better the longer it sits!
                                    Recipe below and for a picture visit Neurotic Kitchen post dated January 12, 2012 (Veggies You Didn't Know You Loved)
                                    Kale and Turnip Salad With Honey Lemon Vinaigrette
                                    Serves 4
                                    A bunch of baby Kale chopped, or head of kale, ribs removed, cut into two inch pieces
                                    1 small turnip, washed, peeled and julienned into matchsticks
                                    1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
                                    1/2 Teaspoon Honey or Agave Nectar
                                    1.5 Tablespoons Lemon
                                    Salt and Pepper to Taste

                                    Prepare Dressing in a small bowl by mixing Olive Oil, Honey, Lemon Juice, Salt and Pepper.
                                    Next, toss Kale, Turnips, and Dressing in a bowl and let sit at room temperature at least ten minutes. This will help the kale break down a bit, tenderizing while absorbing the flavors.
                                    Optional variation for even more tender Kale -
                                    Put Salad and Dressing in a Gallon Ziploc bag, leaving partially open for air to escape.
                                    Press the bag down on a flat surface and move the contents around with fingers and palms. This will both distribute the dressing and massage the kale with the acidic dressing to help make it tender. Let sit for at least ten minutes. Enjoy!

                                    1. I'm very lazy and would get some decent arugula and would lightly wilt in browned butter and serve along with the pumpkin. I like the contrast of tart and sweet.