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Oct 9, 2012 01:26 PM

What pairs well w/ pumpkin ravioli?

Thinking of making some homemade pumpkin ravioli w/ browned butter & sage this weekend. But I'm stumped about what to serve with it. I want something green, but sauteed spinach sounds like too much oil/butter on the plate. (And steamed is too boring.) I'll likely do a nice homemade foccacia to sop up the sauce.

thanks muchly!

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  1. Since the pumpkin is sweet, I would go with a slightly bitter green - if you like broccoli rabe, that would be good, or kale (you could even do a raw kale salad). An arugula salad might also fit the bill.

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    1. Asparagus!......steamed, boiled or sauteed......find a simple topping like a butter/dill

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        Aren't we terribly out of season for asparagus?

        1. re: lmcsherr

          having just bought some........probably from Chile or some place like that..............and had it tonight, i don't think so

      2. And (unless you don't eat meat) an apple cinnamon sausage.

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          Hmmm... maybe not the sausage, but the apple would be a nice flavor to add in

        2. Balsamic glazed brussels sprouts would be my vote. Sounds like a great autumnal meal!

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            on the same riff. Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta especially since the Pasta is vegetarian.
            Chard with Garlic, Chili flakes and Raisins
            Grilled or sauteed Escarole, Endive, Treviso or Brocolini.

          2. I would serve something green either before or after. I find these ravioli, since they include a vegetable, to be a course in themselves.