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Oct 9, 2012 01:14 PM

Decent deli in Soho near Spring?

Are there any delis near Spring that know how to properly slice cold cuts and don't consider Boar's Head their "fancy" stuff ? I imagine the only answer is Dean and Deluca, but hoping to hear otherwise. That place makes me feel had in a way I rarely feel at Zabars. Getting on a plane tomorrow morning and would love to have some nice charcuterie and a roll so I can metaphorically give the flight attendant the finger when she asks me if I want to buy their "food". Talk about feeling had....thanks in advance!

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  1. Can you walk to Despana? Some jamon iberico for the plane, a little bit of cheese, maybe?

    Otherwise, you should walk up 6th Avenue to Bleecker St and raid Murray's/Faicco's/Amy's Bread.

    1. You aren't too far from Gourmet Garage or DiPalo's.

      1. Alidoro (on Sullivan) isn't really a "deli", but it's a first-rate sandwich shop that meets your requirements.

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