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Oct 9, 2012 12:50 PM

SF Dining Choices / Michael Mina with Ron Seigel

Coming in for a few days next week.

Has anyone been since the changeover?

Trying to decide between Mina or Benu.

Also might consider Atelier Crenn, but was just there in the Spring. Has the menu changed enough to warrant another visit?

Were also at Coi, Quince, and Ame earlier this year.

Also considering Saison- is the Chef's counter worth the substantial upcharge?

Would go to Aziza, but some of my dining companions don't like Moroccan food and no amount of debate will convince them otherwise.

Any other places on the radar recently?


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  1. When you add in the wine pairing, service charge, and taxes, Saison's chef's counter isn't much more expensive than the dining room on weeknights and on Fridays and Saturdays I think it's cheaper.

    Has Siegel actually moved to MM yet?

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    1. Three of us were just at Aziza and had a stunning, amazing dinner. It is NOT traditional Moroccan restaurant food (which we are very familiar with, having patronized many of them since Marrakesh first opened in SF in the 1970's) - in fact, my spouse said if he didn't know Lahlou was Moroccan, he would never have thought Aziza was a Moroccan restaurant.

      It is very much CA fusion instead. The food is creative, clean and brilliant. And pastry chef Melissa Chou is equally brilliant; the desserts may sound strange, but they are not to be missed.

      When I asked my spouse afterwards how he'd rank Aziza, he said it was pure fusion, but really, really good fusion (we aren't fans of fusion or Modernist, so this is a major concession from him). He said he would rank it as equal to La Folie, even though they are very different types of restaurants.

      Anyway, just so you know. We have gone to Aziza over the years, and the cooking has changed a lot. Lahlou's cooking has gone far, far beyond his original Moroccan roots and reflects thirty years of living in the Bay Area.