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Oct 9, 2012 12:30 PM

Pumpkin seeds has anyone seen them?

I have been scouring the markets for raw pumpkin seeds to roast but cannot find them anywhere. Has anyone found them yet? Thanks!

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  1. I get them at Whole Foods.

    1. I usually find them inside pumpkins.

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        1. re: LStaff

          Very soon , Johnny Pumpkinseed will come by and toss them out by the handful.

        2. Market Basket Somerville has them. They are in the aisle with the ice cream, for some reason.

          1. Big pile of 'em at Whole Foods in Wellesley on Monday $5.99 for a package (probably 12 ounces?)

            1. I'm not sure if OP is asking for pumpkin seeds from a farmers market (i.e. local ones), or just bulk pepitas in general. I assumed the former, as it'd be pretty difficult to look around a decent grocery store and come up empty (and also because the "yet" implies that this is tied to it being pumpkin seed season locally).

              So -- absent confirmation of this suspicion, does anyone know of a local farm-based source?