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Oct 9, 2012 12:25 PM

Looking for a few group friendly restaurants in South Beach

Hi there,
I am heading from Toronto to Miami for a fwedding in a few weeks and looking for some help finding a few great restaurants that can accomodate a group of 10-12 people. I have found that quite a few Miami restaurants want to serve you a set menu and require a deposit in advance. I am hoping to find a few places where we can just order off of the regular menu and a deposit is not required. We are 40 somethings and we are staying at the Mondrian - we are open to any type of food. We are as happy to either a high end restaurant or a local dive providing the food and service is good. I was thinking that Joe's could be an option for one of the nights but would love to hear if you have any other great ideas.

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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  1. In no particular order - I am not 100% confindent on all of them but it does not hurt to try:
    Macchialina (kind of small -- call in advance they will take a reservation for that size) - it is right near you btw
    The Dutch
    Alta Mare
    Meat Market
    I have not been to Red in years but they probably would
    I have not been to Milos yet but they probably would too
    Clarkes (have not been in a while)
    Burger & Beer Joint (have not been in a while)

    1. Joe's would probably be a nightmare given the size of your group. If you tell us whether you want high end or local it'd help a lot. For example if you want to go really casual and local there's Tap Tap for Haitian food that could accommodate you with probably just a phone call.

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        Thanks to tpigeon's reco's we are all set - going to The Dutch on Thursday night and Macchialina on Sunday night and will play Monday night by ear.

        Much appreciated!