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Oct 9, 2012 12:20 PM

Going to Paris tomorrow -- 11th hour help, pls!

Tomorrow, I am taking my 6 yr old son to meet my brother and his family in Paris. My niece and nephew are 8 and 10 yrs old. All three kids are exceptionally well-behaved, but there is some variance with regard to their palates! At any rate, we are staying in a flat in the 6th on Rue Jacob btw Rue Bonaparte and Rue d"Echaude.

Because of the kids, we are avoiding extremely long and fancy meals. We are veering towards local, homey, rustic, and atmospheric. Not that we can't go somewhere more modern or trendy. Just giving you guys some context! Also trying to stay reasonably close to our flat for dinner since we might be back there on any given late afternoon.

We have reservations booked at the following:

Thursday: La Regalade Sainte Honore
Friday: Les Montagnards
Saturday: Chez Paul

I did do swift research on this board (I'm talking to you, LulusMom, Parigi, Talbott!) and came up with the following short list, but have yet to do anything about other words, if you think any of the spots BELOW are not only superior to our existing holds, but are also places where we still have a shot of getting in (and where the kids can have a steak or roast chicken if all else fails)...pls let me know. AND THANK YOU!!!!

La Palette (just a block from our apt. - perhaps a good breakfast or lunch spot?)
Zinc Caius
Le Grand Plan
Dans Les Landes
Au Passage
Cafe Constant (no reservations, I know)
Reed (looks delightful)
Le Galopin (prob not a good bet w/ the kids -- 7 courses)

For lunchtime crepes, I'm thinking either Creperie Josselin or Breizh.

Also, I know that both patisseries such as La Duree and Pierre Herme are near our flat. Any other gems (esp. those under the radar) that I should seek out?

Finally, we are probably doing Notre Dame on Thurs aft; Louvre/Luxembourg/Champs on Fri.; Eiffel on Sat morning. Looking for lunch spots. Fontaine de Mars nr Eiffel, perhaps.

Again, many thanks for the last-minute SOS :)

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  1. Another patisserie near your apartment that is really wonderful is Gerard Mulot.

    1. Quite near you is the wonderful pastry shop Gerard Mulot - 76 rue de Seine. You must take the kids there.

      Near Notre Dame de Paris is the very user-friendly Brasserie de l'Isle st Louis, 55 Quai de Bourbon.

      And your list is a good one. Have a great time.

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      1. re: Parigi

        Thx All! I knew I could count on you. Still on the fence about Les Montagnards although it seems a fun and safe bet. L'Entrecote is a great rec. given its ease and proximity. Might do it. Looking fwd to Mulot ;)

      2. Oy, since I'm a named suspect, I guess I must answer this blizzard of options.
        YES TO
        Zinc Caius
        Le Grand Pan not plan
        Dans Les Landes
        Au Passage
        Cafe Constant (no reservations, I know)
        Reed (looks delightful) it is
        Le Galopin (prob not a good bet w/ the kids -- 7 courses) lunch less burdensome

        1. In your immediate neighborhood, don't overlook Le 35 on rue Jacob. Updated classics, casual, small room but I think they start serving rather early, maybe 7 or 7:30. You are also quite near L'Entrecote (steak and fries) on St. Benoit which should be great with kids. Le Petit St. Benoit serves classics, as does inexpensive Au Pied de Fouet. (

          Edited to add that I would plan to feed breakfast at the flat since it's an expensive meal out and getting two families of jet-lagged generations dressed and out sounds like herding cats. Better coffee and croissants, chocolate and tartines at "home" with euros in your pocket for picnics, lunches and dinners out.

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          1. re: mangeur

            "Le 35 on rue Jacob"

            I had a very bad meal there. Maybe it was an off day.
            I much prefer Pied du Fouet (esepcially 45 rue Babylone address, much reliably better than the 3 Rue Saint Benoi one).

            1. re: Parigi

              Really! It is on our rat track and the plates that I have seen have always looked quite good. Plus it gets rather good reviews. Thanks for the heads up.

          2. Just one minor correction to help future searches.... it's Axuria, not Auxuria

            And for sweet things, you will be spoiled for choice. Both Ladurée and Gerard Mulot are fine but Hugo & Victor on the boulevard Raspail/ rue Chomel, Bread & Roses on the rue Fleurus/ rue Madame, and Pierre Hermé on the rue Bonaparte are my faves and well worth the stroll from the rue Jacob. Un Dimanche à Paris on the the Cours du Commerce Saint-André (entered from the rue St-André-des-Arts or the boulevard St Germain) deserves a look-see. Sadaharu Aoki on the rue Vaugirard is a visual delight but the flavours are decidely adult so maybe you should sneak in a visit without the kids. As for chocolates, a gold mine!! Christian Constant on the rue d'Assas, Patrick Roger on the boulevard St Germain, Jean-Paul Hévin on the rue Vavin, Patrick Roger on the boulevard St Germain, Philippe Pascoët on the rue St Placide, Pierre Marcolini on the rue de Seine, etc etc are all kinda sensational. But my heart belongs to the old-fashioned Debauve & Gallais on the rue des Saints-Pères simply because it is so old-fashioned and timeless.

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            1. re: Parnassien

              Agree -- excellent brioche and croissant from Bread & Roses and superbe mille feuille from Hugo & Victor. The croissant, however, from Pierre Herme, is my favorite in Paris, with Des Gateaux et du Pain as my runner up. (The vanilla mille feuille at Des Gateaux et du Pain is also excellent.)

              1. re: Nancy S.

                True story. We had a croissant blind tasting at the office to solve constant arguing about whose croissant is best. (My boss thinks this sort of thing is team-building... groan). 25 different croissants (including Pierre Hermé, the boss' favourite too) from all over Paris. All heated for 30 seconds or so in a toaster oven by a pastry chef we hired for the event. Anyway, not one person could recognize the taste of their favourite croissant. And no clear consensus about the best. Pierre Hermé and Bread & Roses were in the top 5 but so was one from Carrefour. My conclusion: a croissant is a croissant is a croissant. BTW, in another tasting of 15 or so pains au chocolat, Bread & Roses was the emphatic winner. But we're shallow and superficial advertising/ PR/ media folks so our tastes are probably suspect.

                1. re: Parnassien

                  Did you each eat 25 croissants? That would be team building. But then a mandatory office gym session.
                  I must disagree about a croissant is another is the other. Blind taste tests and all.
                  Indeed, maybe your office mates have no or bad taste. How did you fare on the test?

                  Mulot is a fine shop. Does a good to very good job on a wider variety of the sweet good things than most.
                  Un Dimanche? Ugh Dimanche would be more appropriate, I must say.
                  That is a lot of pretty and price to be so disappointing.

                  Is being superficial a bad thing?

                  1. re: dietndesire

                    I dream about Gerard Mulot's tarte au peche.