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Oct 9, 2012 12:17 PM

Locations for monthly dining group?

I've organized a group of 8 or so guy friends that gets together monthly for dinners around the city. The goal of the group, aside from having a reason to get together, was to get to some of Philly's hidden gems and some of Philly's group dining experiences that aren't available to small groups.

So far we've gotten together twice. Once to do a taco crawl in S. Philly and once to do the family style tasting at Han Dynasty. Some other ideas for future meetings are: (1) suckling pig at Amada, (2) lamb shoulder at Zahav, (3) Tacconellis and (4) fried chicken day between the two Federal Donuts where we divide and conquer the two locations to get one of each style.

We're looking for other ideas for other ideas and figured this would be the best place to check. Any thoughts fellow hounds?

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  1. I think those are all good ideas though Federal Donuts might be more trouble than it's worth since you can't really eat with a group that size in either location. Don't forget to bring beer and maybe some salads to Tacconellis.

    I ate with a group this size at Four Rivers in Chinatown and it was great, we feasted for very cheap. Search the board for dish recommendations. You can also do very well with a group at Nam Phuong, Indonesia Restaurant, Koo Zee Doo, Sugo sunday at Modo Mio.

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      12012 Bustleton Ave.
      Philadelphia , PA 19116
      "Bring a big group of adventure diners to this authentic Uzbek eatery in the Russian Northeast where lamb is the dominant theme - in fragrant rice pilafs, homemade noodles, dumplings and soups, and skewered for the charcoal grill. It's a more intimate sit-down restaurant than the typical Russian nightclub, but still a fun destination for celebratory large tables laden with BYO vodka and cognac. The tandoor-baked round bread alone is worth a visit."

    2. Maybe a sandwich crawl. You can go to Paesano's with 8 people and try just about everything on the menu. If you still have room after that, hit John's or Shank's or Nick's Roast Beef. Many others to consider as well.

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        A fun place to take a group is to go to the Brazilian neighborhood in the Northeast and check out one of the local Churascuria. Picanha Grill is a good choice. I have been there with a group before. 6501 Castor Ave.

        Port Richmond to enjoy the Polish food at places like Syrenkas and the Warsaw Cafe.

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          Modo Mio if you can get in.
          Or its sister place, Poppolino's.

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            IMHO, while same owner Popolino not in same class as Modo Mio.

            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

              Appreciate the suggestions all. Picanha Grill actually has been tossed around, so we'll definitely have to add that to the list. Uzbekistan looks like it totally fits with the theme but so far away.

              Not to take this thread in a different direction but my last two experiences at Modo Mio have been fairly disappointing and I won't be going back to Popolino any time soon. I owe Monsu another visit as I enjoyed my one and only meal there. Just seems like the chef/owner may be stretching himself a little thin as the kitchen at Modo Mio was pretty inconsistent each of the last two visits and there were to my shock and dismay, tables available on weekend nights without a reservation.

              1. re: scooby6469

                Re Uzbekistan, the other place up in the Northeast to try is Golden Gate. Both give you a real feal for what Moscow style nightclubs and restaurants are. If you are driving, it is not that bad especially if you go on 95, get off at Academy/ Grant for Uzbekistan or get off at Woodhaven for Golden Gate. If you are relying upon public transportation it will be a bit more difficult of course.

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                  Yikes, Modo Mio. will have to check it out, been some months since there.

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                    I agree with Deluca about Popolino not being as good as Modo Mio. I am surprised and unhappy to hear about your last two visits to Modo Mio.

                    1. re: scooby6469

                      Sad to hear. When I went to Monsu a few months after it opened, it wasn't very good with some basic mistakes like very undercooked lamb.

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                        I was just at Modo Mio and I am happy to say the food was as good as ever. Good service too. Still easily one of the best BYOBs in town.

            2. KooZeeDoo is great with a group. You can try pretty much everything, for a reasonable price, with that many.

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