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Oct 9, 2012 12:04 PM

Pre-theater Aureole vs. DB Bistro Moderne vs. other?

Have DBBM reserved, but research in previous years seemed to give Aureole positive reviews. Very little lately on Aureole (I did read recently a re-review from someone indicating that they had given it a second chance and had a good experience). Wondering if anyone has a specific preference between these two for pre-theater (for 4 adults on a Thursday night late October). Any thoughts appreciated on these or other options at restaurants of this caliber and general location. Curtain time is 7 pm so we probably need a 5 pm start time. I have read many posts about pre-theater options, which is how I ended up with DBBM...just want to make sure it is the best choice. Thanks in advance.

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  1. There's Oceana. Nothing revolutionary but pretty much the model of consistency over the 4 years I've eaten there.

    1. I much prefer bistro moderne over aureole.

      1. Thanks, just posted my very late trip report:

        Not many details about our pre-theater dinner, but the 4 of us really enjoyed the whole experience at DB Bistro Moderne.

        1. I think the DB Bistro mandatory pre-theater menu is substandard. As much as I like that place, I would never go there before theater.

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            With such an early curtain, you should consider avoiding the pre-theater menu problem and eating after the show.