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Oct 9, 2012 11:28 AM

HELP! DIY Caramel Apple Bar


My son is having a birthday/halloween party in a couple weeks. I had the ambitious idea of having a DIY caramel apple "bar" for the kids...only problem is we are having the party at a park. Without a crockpot how do I keep the caramel soft enough to dip? Will a chafing dish keep warm enough?? Any ideas welcomed!!

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  1. Fun idea!

    Are you making the caramel yourself, or using purchased? How long will the caramel be at the park?

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    1. re: SAHCook

      We will be there for a few hours. I can either make it myself or buy premade. Whatever will work the best.

    2. I think you can buy caramel apple dip in the produce part of the grocery store, and it's spreadable at room temperature.

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      1. re: jeanmarieok

        I thought about that too. I might buy some to test it out. What about the caramel used for sundaes?

        1. re: sweetladyfavorite

          Not sure if this is the same as what's used for sundaes (it may be) but in the coffee section there are caramel sauces in squeeze bottles. Not the liquid, like Torani brand, but the thicker sauce. Most stores here have Ghiradelli, I think. Even Hershey makes one. They are all thin enough to pour at room temp, or even after being refrigerated.

      2. Those caramel apple wraps might be best. They are in the produce area, I think, and are caramel wraps you can put around the apple. i've never used them, but might work well for the park.